Hermaphrodite or genetics?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

What does it mean if one of my autoflowers produces beautiful buds and seeds? I’ve grown several plants Autoflower from you guys and never experienced this I don’t know if it’s a hermaphrodite or genetics? Should I be happy lol or not?

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You stressed it out
Heat water nutes over training
Several things could have hermied but if your flowers look normal than stress would be my best educated guess without being given any other information on the grow.


I dunno seeds are always nice to have but you want to make sure you do not keep having this issue. Who wants seedy bud? Breeders not tokers!! So I would like to know what your grow process was like
Excessive heat / cold ? Indoor outdoor ?
Lighting grow room? I dunno maybe the info will help you to figure out what happened
Buddy o mine had a skunk get stressed and it seeded and the seeds so far have all been females and seem to be great growers so I am not complaining
But I would not want to get seedy buds if I can help it.


Sounds like she hermied to me
Id say genetics can be ruled out as the cause since you mentioned its only one of the autos that has seeds
Most likey was caused by stress or environmental issues as @Growit mentioned
Can we get a little more info on grow room conditions
Temp humidity etc?
How many plants do you have going now ?
Can we get a picture?