Hermaphrodite identification


Is this a Hermaphrodite? It s a gold has been in flower 8 weeks. It looked real good till about a week ago. I have 2 AK s starting to look the same. I can’t find any Amber but everthing looks developed. src="/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/8/8c130cbfa81fd3f20223eff5ade750d90249c8b2.jpg" width=“312” height=“500”>



It does kind of look like seed pods developing on the top.
Were they exposed to light when it was dark time?


I was not as carefull as I could have been, had a few issues with a timer. I think they turned. Question is let them go or harvest now as is. Just waiting to see some Amber.


My plants have gone Hermaphrodite. Still not seeing any amber. Will it ever turn? Or should I harvest


Damn man I’m sorry to hear that! It’s a shame! I would probably just harvest them.


I don’t really think it makes a difference at this point. You still got a lot of good-looking smoke there !

I’d be curious whether the plant was a hermie or if it was stressed ?

…if it was stressed wouldn’t the seeds be all female??? Maybe a breeder could comment


It could have been stress. had a timer issue in middle of flower for a day.


I don’t see any nanners… Looks like late foxtailing… Nothing to worry about… Let them ride…