Hermaphrodite identification please?

Well then… :confused: Looks to be more boy than girl though. I’d scrap it.

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3 different plants. Have 8 total. Nothing on the others. Should I chunk them all? :sob::sob:

No just remove it and burn it. Keep an eye on the others.

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What @Deepsix said. Dispose of that one and keep an eye on the others. If you have brown pistils on the other early in flower you’ll probably end up with some seeds, but it’s not that big a deal.

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Thanks y’all. I dumped 3 of them. The others appear to be ok. Since this was my first attempt I will chalk it up as a learning experience. Hopefully it will be salvageable.

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Yup that plant needs a massive jock strap. I hate to say it but that didn’t happen over night. They probably stsrted about 1 week ago. :pensive:

Well I figured out the issue. My timer was not working. No telling how long they’ve gone with light 24/7 FU$% me!!

Oof! That sucks! But at least you figured out the issue.

Yeah tell me about it. What now I wonder? I’ve put them back on a 12/12. Will that help anything or is the damage done at this point?

That’s your call but keep it the hell away from the other girls. It’s awfully early in grow to be popping balls and hope nothing has enough time to fertilize.

Is it a hermaphrodite or a male?

If you look closely in the picture you can see both male and female sex organs.

And keep a close eye on the others.