Hermaphrodite how to make sure

Has anyone ran into this problem where they get seeds and they don’t have any maleplans I did do a breeding last year but I cleaned all my grow area and vacuumed it and all that so I think I got a hermaphrodite problem is there anything I could do but just kill the plants I guess

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Looks female to me.

Your plant is begging for light. What are you using for a light.


That branch is a low-hanging branch

I’m running to side King 400 w 4000k one of the best lights I’ve ever bought for the money

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Yeah with that picture do you think they’re still begging for light

They could use more. There’s a lot of space between the nodes. If big harvests isn’t what you are looking for then you’ll be fine. They are really healthy.

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I’m getting 2/3oz a plant idk if that is good I started deep water hydro and it went up to 6oz I’m always looking for ways to improve the led lights a Sony lm30 I might be wrong with the lettering but there’s some either supposed to be top of the line LEDs meanwhile driver . Im running 2/400 watt In a 4X 6 room side kings is the name of the light

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The node spacing of ur top colas are pretty gar apart, its not horrible but they could be a good bit closer.

He’s saying if u want your buds to end like…

Instead of like

More intensity is a good answer.

edit: pics reversed

Also both were under the same light, horrible example of light intensity, better at strain differences, but the point stands. Lol


I thought that was just a strain . But I’m always looking for advice could I be stretching the plants with the veg light being too high I think I know what I’m doing wrong I have three
set ups rm1) veg / clones rm 2 ) 12/12with cheaper 200watt lights then my room with 2 400 watt . The reason I was doing this is so that when I put my big room on I tried to get the next crop going into the 12 and 12 2 weeks after I put them in the big room and start the flowering on my first run so I have a crop every 8 to 10 weeks I don’t know I just know one thing I’m getting a bunch of seeds that I’m not that I don’t want so I got to kill a lot of plants right now I’m not happy

One other thing I thought I might be doing wrong too is I’m not training these plants I’m just letting them go I’m not putting any net on them like the sea of green I’m just letting my pants grow and then I put bamboo sticks to hold the branches up because they get too heavy and start to. Bend over . So I don’t put bamboo on them until they start to sag and you know from the weight

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Seems like some level colas for natural growing, no training at all? Can I see a pic of the whole ‘flower area’?

And what exact lights are u using for what area size for the second n third stages?

Ill admit ur spacing isnt a bad problem for me. Humidity is a PITA in the Gulf South… so I prefer a bit looser spacing them most to protect from molds… but everyone loves baseball bats

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I made this so I could have a crop cycle two weeks behind the first batch at 12/12 this room I’m getting bigger light already it’s order be here next week

This is my main room I had five plants in here but I’m starting to see seeds so I’m taking them down there early they shouldn’t be done they should still have another two three weeks

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2-3 weeks from this pic? Nah… you have at least a month… closer to 5-6 weeks imo.

The first pic is probably were the looser node spacing is coming from. Looks like you have both thoroughly packd. Well done. Yea more light will help with the bud density/cola thickness. But not mandatory.

Care to share what light in how big spaces? Not needed, cuz pics kinda speak for themselves but good for ‘reference’

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The two against the back wall the one in the front I just took out of the other room and put it in there

My main ( a) room I have a side King 400 w and I have a another 400 watt with a meanwell driver andLm30 leds I’m getting another side King and putting the oddball 400watt in say b room so when I’m finished I’ll have 800wtor 8000 in each room I’m just so bummed out about the seed problem I got to figure out what strain is hermaphroditing on me or I just didn’t clean my area well enough idk

Room size b is 3x6 and a is 4x6

Very possible. Life finds a way to replicate. Despite our most dedicated circumstances

If I have no male plants how am I having seeds. I had to shut down my grow due to some circumstances and when I did that I had five different strands and I wanted to breed it to this strand that I had male plants so I let one male plant in a produced the pollen and I kept everything regulated and I just brushed a little bit of pollen on each other Branch buds that I wanted seeds out of and it stayed pretty much under control basically it become seaweed but one plant did so now I got all this stuff going and I don’t have any male plans and I’m not trying to make seeds but I’m getting seeds anyway

Nube question. But has anyone ever tried gender reassignment surgery on a hermie (removing the male pollen sacs before they blow their loads). Then continue growing and keeping an eye on it? I assume it is easier to just cull it, but hey its 2022 anything is possible! :rofl:

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No I’m not trying to do any reassignment surgery or anything like that I’m trying to figure out where these seeds are coming from night work I don’t I just don’t know what’s going on

My apologies I was making light of the situation. From the pictures it was hard to tell, but I didn’t see male parts in the pics. I sincerely hope you are able to resolve the male plant/seed issue you are having.

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