Hermaphrodite help

I’m growing gorilla glue and this girl sprouted on june 19th. She started to flower two or so days ago and just at the 3 week mark but now I just started noticing what I think could be balls on her nodes. Saddest experience ever. Is she a hermaphrodite??

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Sure looks that way. U can pluck them off and keep a eye on it. Ive had it happen before amd did that and they never came back. Do u have any light leak?

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@appleyardjr267 @Bronsonandbrody the bananas won’t have pistils coming out of them, is that correct? I am going to give my girls a good looking at tonight but the nodes are so small I’m not sure what I’m looking for lol

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No they will not. It will end up opening and polinating everything and make it full of seeds. Bananas and calyx look a lil different

@appleyardjr267 forgive my horrible spelling but It seems to me that the bananas and the callyax look very similar other than Pistils, at least when they are smaller but it’s my first grow so I’m hopefully just paranoid.

Those definitely look like balls. I’d this an auto or photo?

The one photo definitely looks like some balls.

Here is a clear shot that I took when I wanted a male.


If u seen them side by side ude see the difference

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She’s an autoflower from ilgm. This is my first experience growing and this girl was looking so good up until now. She’s so healthy…I’m just kinda baffled. I dont wanna kill her. Everywhere online says to get rid of her for the sake of the other plant.

Autos are finicky. But yeah, unless you want seeds (if both plants are auto, the seeds will also be auto, but carry a higher than normal genetic predisposition for hermi-ing) you might as well put the male/hermi down your garbage disposal. I’ve had 3 hermi on me out of the current batch I’m growing. I tried topping 2 of them below the hermied node. Both sprouted more balls in half the new growth.

you dont want hermie pollen! Off with its head! Hermie weed is bad genetics and wicked bad juju.

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Light intensity can also cause hermies.

Doubtful it’s ilgm seeds that caused the issue your environment is off somewhere.

The photo will care about light leaks but the autos won’t so to high of humidity, to low of humidity, same goes for temperatures, not enough air flow or not enough fresh airflow (your exhaust should be be vented out of the house your growing in to the outside world thus only fresh air comes in.

Bad medium mix. Remember cannabis likes airey soil so 30% perlite at the minimum if running coco run 40-50%.

So many things it could be, you didn’t treat them right and now they turned out all fked up basically lol

I appreciate all the tips and advice. I seperated the dude from the tent. He now lives in the back bathroom. I’m not sure what will come of him.

I used kellogs organic potting soil and black gold worm castings for these girl dudes. I’ll add perlite and reconsider using a better soil. I just got excited and picked a random soil at lowes. My light is a 300w that came with my grow tent from amazon. I am a such a newbie. I just ordered a ‘full spectrum’ 1000w but after some reading I’m not even sure if that will do the trick. My exhaust fan goes into a hole cut in my wall near the vents…lol. so bad. But where else could it go…idk. This is a fun new hobby and I enjoy learning more about it. I’m tired of spending so much money buying weed…but I just love it so much. Either way, the growing and smoking continues.

Where is the best place to buy soil or what is an ideal soil?