Hermaphrodite? First Grow

First grow from seeds that were given to me. Was told there were older ILGM seeds. They came in little plastic seed containers with 5 seeds in each. 10 Durban Poison and 10 Swiss Cheese.

Of the 10 Durban Poison five germinated. of the 10 Swiss Cheese zero unfortunately germinated. I have to assume they were either too old or some other weird factor. Seeds were all fairly firm when I touched them and had apparent good color. But hey cant complain for free seeds. Followed the steps in the grow bible, pretty awesome freebie from RB, thanks man.

Anyhow its been several months since I grew these gems. At any rate I have 4 very nice Durban Plants and one appears to either me completely male or a hermaphrodite. Could you all please take a look a the pictures below and give me your helpful insight.

Also if its male is there anyway to save the plant? Can you cut off all the pollen sacs?

If its hermaphrodite, whats the next step?!

Thanks in advance. Plant in questions name is #2

2nd photo of Plant#2

Plant #3

Plant #1

Plant #4

Sorry, but #2 is a male. Kill him, he has no purpose on this earth.


Unless you want a butt-ton of seeds!

And no worthwhile flowers…

Trueee, but you would never have to buy seeds for a while!:joy:

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Well if it will make seeds for Durban Poison then Ill let it grow seeds. Its going on the far side of the yard, the farthest I can get it from my ladies.

Pollen floats on air. That is what I was saying. If you let it go, outside with the others, you will have 4 seed producing plants and zero smoke.

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What @whodat66 said. It’ll pay off in the long run with lotsa seed, but you won’t have anything smokable this go around

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No, don’t do that! Pollen can travel miles, it will definitely pollinate your females. Also, the male won’t make seeds, he makes pollen. He has to pollinate a female and the female makes the seeds.


Those aren’t seeds or seed-pods you are seeing. They are pollen bombs. When they explode all the girlies in the neighborhood get excited, and usually knocked up.

And if you have any neighbors growing outside, they might have a beef with you LOL

Oh god, I’m sorry if my statement was misleading about the butt-ton of seeds! I didn’t mean for it to come off as if the male would just produce seeds by itself!

Well shit, guess its going to the grinder then. Not work mashing?

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It’s a learning experience, and keep a close eye on your girls. Hope none of those sacks popped yet, but if the girls got pollenated think of all the seeds you won’t have to buy?

Sorry, but it’s for the best, trust me.

So I assume all of it makes pollen bombs. Even these top branches?

None of them appear to be open and I spray all plants down daily in the AM and PM. Helps keep the bugs away.

Your plants are just not mature enough to have trichomes (no THC or CBD yet) so it is just plant.

For what it’s worth, I have a dehydrator and I dry all my (early) trim and use it in cooking like basil :wink:

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Oh, that’s a hermie, not a full male. Sorry, I didn’t see the pistils. Still, it’s going to do the same thing, pollinate your females. Get rid of it.


Toss shim out! Raustin for the win again lol. Unless… u put them both in an air tight shed. Let him open. Douse her in solitude. (Still run HIGH RISK of unwantd cross pollination with other girls) then kill IMMEDIATELY after. N spray her with water 15 mins later. Done deal

All theory👆🏾 Not an actual expert