Hermaphrodite auto

I grew a few White Widow auto flower over winter. Mostly in full flower now. Question is one of them appears to be growing male flowers. Will the resulting seeds be auto? It’s been in full female flower for about 2 weeks. The male flowers haven’t opened yet.

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Hey there,

Can we get a pic?

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I’m not sure what I’m seeing now. Took a better look. They look like female pods, I just never saw them that low on a branch. Found them on another plant. These are my first auto’s, I’m learning.

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Looks like a large female gland!

That is what I see too. Have had them grow right on the main stalk where a branch was cut off.

Blurry pics but look like the stater calyx. They’re the first calyces that form where you can identify the sex of the plant.

Looks fem to me :slight_smile: