Hermaphrodite? An odd plant from the start

This Tangerine was the runt of the group. Late to sprout and smaller than the rest the entire grow.
It is certainly flowering but these sacks opening up have me concerned.


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I don’t feel those are clearly pollen sacks. Pics are kinda blurry though

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Yeah, the rest of the plant was messing with focus. I’ll try again this morning, thanx

Those are individual flower calyx.


Ok, was going to quarantine her till I figured it out. Here’s a better view of it anyway…

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Looks like pistils in them, female parts.


Thanx, she can hang out with her girlfriends then :slight_smile:

Didn’t want to start a new thread, mold or possibly nute burn?
I changed to canna Flores last week, plant looked a little under fed, gave it full strength nutes. Not sure if that is just a nute burn or if I’m dealing with mold.
If it’s mold, do I cut out affected sections and leave it in the garden? Or cut out and quarantine at the other end of the yard?

@dbrn32 @myfriend

Looks like bud rot to me. Pull one off and see if it’s mushy and nasty when pulled apart. If it is, remove all of it stat.

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Thanx, removed.
Bud rot is not going to spread right? It’s a root problem, not a mobile spores problem?
Been over 20 years since my last grow so relearning everything…

If it can spread to other plants I guess she’s getting quarantined at the other side of the yard.

Didn’t seem any more squishy than the rest of the bud

Did some reading on ILGM :wink:

Bud rot can spread to other plants. Keeping the runt in the garden is not worth risking the prime plants that have super fat colas.
Out she goes!

Can anyone let me know if this Hermede on me

Looks like a herm banana but I’ve never had a herm, male or female only so I’ll let someone else answer that.

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