Hermafrodite? I need to remove?

Hello everyone,
This is the last week of this ladies, but I found this spot that I think is a polen sac.
What do you think? I need to remove or maybe isn’t hermafrodite?
This happening on just in one stems!

This one is a Hindu Kush clone of sensi seeds.


If there is no danger to other plants then just let it finish. Its too far along to cause any significant harm to itself as it looks very close to being done. If you have other plants in the grow area you may want to remove it. I dont see the typical yellow pollen sacs, but it does look suspicious.
Wash up the area well before you grow again.
Others may see it better than me tho.

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Yea thats a herm… and even worse a couple sacs looks already open… if everyone is close to finishing, id pluck them out. N watch for more. He’s already attempted to do the deed once. After this grow finishes scrub ur area before starting a new one.


Good info right there ^ sorry to see your girl hermed.


The problem is, once those nanners have blown their load, the plant has pollinated itself. It will rapidly begin focusing its energy on seed development. All the sticky thc filled resin will quickly disappear and you’ll be left with useless green, seed filled buds.

Sorry. I’d pull her out of general population ASAP, harvest, and salvage what you can.

It’s already shot it’s load…
Finish them off , clean tent and start freash…
It will still be good medicine. It’s just gonna have some seeds…