Here's what I ended up with (less the 3 stems that died)

Not sure why I’m posting but thought I would share some pics of the final take. Got 37 big Colas! I was beside myself! Several medium and smaller buds too! I’m hop’in fer 8 Oz.!


Great job @gilly! I know your son is looking down and smiling, I know I would be! Great job! :v:


Thanks my man! I really appreciate your remembering my son. I miss him soooooooo much!!! It will be 2 years come 9/14/16. And yes, he would be very proud of the ole man!!! If he was here we would be smok’in a big fat hooter together!!!


You’re making him proud, I’m sure of it!

Stay positive and keep your head up brother :v:

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Love it! And just know your boy gets his share every time you smoke one and think of him.

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Has anyone ever said just how much trimming them buds really “Sucks” !? I spent 3 days do’in that stuff!!! Wowzzaaa!!!

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The only downfall to a great harvest… Lol


I enjoy trimming! Gives you plenty of time to reflect on the reward of a job well done.


This is true! (but it still Sucks) He, he ! :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for the final tally! I’m a hop’in fer 8 Ounces!? That would just make my day!!!

Im smoking one for your son now… Nice job really nice job.

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Thanks my man! Just got done trimming the buds from the stems. Weighed it all up and impressed even myself with 8.75 Ounces!!! I’m just tickled pink!


Your son is smiling now… hes proud of you… my name is Tony…

Well guys and gals, I had a minor miscalculation on the final tally! (to the good!!!) It should be 9.20 ounces NOT 8.75 Hell yes!!!


Sooooooooooo…How many times a day should I “burp” my jars and for how long each time???


first week,… three or four times a day for five to ten minutes…pending what the humidity is inside the jars…after that, once or twice a day for five or ten minutes…for about two to three weeks…

Might want a second opinion however as I have not cured like this before… just trying to reinforce what I have learned, lol.

Got it!!!

As long as you open them, give a good shake, and a couple minutes, will be fine. I open find a nice Lil nug to taste, then shake n bake. Then close. Repeat next day

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