Here's my outdoor pick of a strawberry/blue


here’s my outdoor pick of a strawberry/blue it’s a stevia seed I got from a friend. That bud is about 10 inches now, and it’s not even the main cola. I can’t get to it. Lol

Progress in grow

What you think Will? Pic is a little fuzzy. I will try to get better picture tomorrow.


that is the strawberry/blue it’s getting close to 7 feet now… It’s got a different smell to it, can’t wait to try it. I’m hoping that it does not get to much taller, but I’m off the main road aways so you can’t tell what it is. I have been pulling them limbs down to get more light in to lower buds. Kinda proud of this one. The picture of the bud was of the branch to the right front. The plant behind it is that monster crop I post a while back.


All I can say is AWESOME Tommy when do you figure she’ll be ready for harvest ?
I mite do a grow next year outside.
I keep up the good work

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I’m thinking about end of September hopefully.


Yup that’s when iem going to harvest

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Here is a pic of my indoor grow i think it will be ready end next week


You know, your trim will make some awesome hash Tom.

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To bad you don’t live here inso California. We could get together and make some. I Have seenu it on you tube but I don’t have the different buckets that I wound need. We made 2 pounds of butter and a pan of brownies which are good.


It comes in a whole kit with instructions,you can either get the 4 bag pack or the 8 bag pack,really easy to do though,just look for bubble bags if you wanna try to find them


Here is the link Tom

I bought the 5 bag 5gal set
You will also need a 5 gal paint stirring thing and a drill.
And one 5 gal bucket

And ice…that’s it.
If you go through his rought I can help you if you want.

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#12 Has any one used one of the bubble machine?
How easy is the bubble bags? I have a bad back so heavy lifting is out.


Not bad at all Tom.
You put the bags in a 5 gal bucket in order and fill half way with cold water, then add your trim and ice stir with the drill for half hour wait 15 mine’s and stir for another 1/2 hour.
Now you do have to lift the bags out one at a time to drain the water.
It’s really not that bad. But then I don’t know what you can lift. The ice will melt and you can do this slowly. Hope this helps you out Tom.

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Wow,love it!,will be able to climb that soon!