Here's ILGM's Amsterdam Classics Mix 2 weeks after sprouting

Three weeks ago I bought the ILGM Amsterdam Classics mix, which consists of the White Widow, Jack Herer, and Power Plant strains, five seeds each. They arrived a week later in the mail and that same day I had two seeds of each strain soaking in water. The next day I placed them between moist paper towels and the following day all six had germinated. Too simple to be true, I couldn’t believe it! The little buggers were planted in organic potting soil mix in red solo cups, and over the next three days they all popped up. Two weeks later here they are, growing under LED lights inside my improvised nursery in the garage. All healthy and growing like a MFer!

This isn’t a journal, just an acknowledgement that things are going faster and better than I ever thought possible (knock on wood). The Power Plants sprouted first and are slightly bigger than the others (left side back and center). The J Herer’s (left front and right back) are a touch smaller and the White Widows (right center and front) are about the same size. It won’t be long before my Amsterdam coffee shop is open for business!