Heres a rare oddity


hey guys.
this is oddest thing ive ever seen. I germinated super skunk and placed in cups. this one has 2 sprouts.
if look close can see it splits into 2 at base.
its hasn’t grown any in 5 days, others doing great.
debating if gonna just toss out or keep fingers crossed and hope worth the time.
wanted to share this oddity with all.


Thats wild, never seen that. Id keep her & see what she can do.


Almost looks like she topped herself on her own.


Welcome to the forum Couldn’t hurt to let her ride she could end up a monster :wink:


Welcome to the forum @patch67 I would definitely wait a little longer and see what she does.


Keep her alive, the more tops the better :+1: cool sight, and it would be even more awesome to watch her grow up


@patch67 Siamese seed? Conjoined buds? Double yoke? I’d grow it out just to see what happens that is really cool! Keep us posted, please! :woman_farmer:t4:


Auto Topping plants . Cool . Thanks for sharing .


That is very interesting please give her plenty of TLC and try get here along it would be amazing to see what actually happens.


I was debating if should toss this one out. I now feel I have to keep her around. this is once in life time opportunity. maybe itll give me super powers.


I’ve seen a few runts become bigger than her sister once into flower so let her grow.


Conjoined twins… nice… :wink:
Let them grow… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I agree with let her ride lets see what she turns into as @Hogmaster said it may surprise you
Ans welcome to the play ground


Pretty cool. I’d definitely give her a go. Might be a super producer :rocket:


still no growth, but alive. the shoot on left is pretty odd shaped.


Pretty wacky lookin. Cool though


Auto topping beans now thats a idea nobody has tried lmao
She looks healthy so woohoo @patch67


update. the 1 shoot seems to be growing now. other shoot is a lot darker green. seems the leaf is much thicker aswell. ill keep all informed.


@patch67 yes please do interested to see what happens. :v:


@patch67 very intriguing indeed, good job so far keeping her healthy and well.