Here we grow again

Ok guys, going to start my second grow. I will be doing autos this time. Still in my 3x3 for now using a 600w blurple. Growing in happy frog and will be using fox farms nutes when the time comes.

Strains this time include:
2 Blueberry
1 Girl Scout Cookie
1 Gorilla Girl XL
1 Kryptonite

I have 2 Spider Farmer SF 2000s on the way, so this grow will get a light upgrade about half way thru. Also have a 4x4 on the way and should be set up and ready by flower time.


Looks good, off to a good start

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@Deal thanks I’m looking forward to this grow to learn about autos and to apply what I’ve learned so far! Can’t wait to see the difference when my new lights and tent get here.

Nice start, I just germinated a gsc myself.

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@SKORPION maaaaaaaan…my GSC got the shell stuck so it’s slightly smaller but looking good. Can’t wait to see how she turns out. My first grow I had a runt that did the same thing and it ended up being the tallest and possibly the best of the bunch lol. I won’t give up on a runt unless I absolutely have to cause the last one taught me that valuable lesson.


My gsc, finishing up now, flushing them

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