Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)

I don’t flush but go water only last couple weeks of flower if I have time if not at least 2 water events to end harvest and never had any bad flavors in the smoke


Good enough for me Brother…I have had great success taking the tips I learned here.

I tell you if you had to figure this out by a 500 page hard cover book it would be hell of alot harder. PH/PPM etc. (Need to figure out the Core Process, and it takes a few attempts…here anyway…)

I really think this time I am finishing the process right…and it is a 3 part…Grow/Dry/Cure …all extremely important.

As for the slight tingle metallic flavor (On my Prior- prettiest Grown Gold Leaf)…I still am smoking it, but I learned what not to do…In my how to finish the grow with Flora Trio Salt nutes. I may make night time under the tongue drops out of it here soon?


Thanks for posting the charts. I like how you crunch the numbers and look at the data… If you ever do journals…I want to follow for sure…tag me if you can, please.

Looking at the data…follows your previous profession to a “T” …

I see you mentioned bud rot. I think here I am in a good place not to get it. Very dry…windy low humidity.

I know I must be real careful here as the water in the dirt bags make the chamber higher RH.

I try and look down at the plant and trim a path of blocking leaves aiding in the air draw thru the grow chamber when I do the watering event. Taking the leaves the plant tells me to take.

I like the cardboard Dry Box idea, and that bad ass Secret grow box you built out of Lumber materials you shared on a posted pic. You aint getting any light seepage the way you tape and floated those walls for sure… …


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I peeked over there at your Auto Pot Tent Pics…Wow…Looks like Frosted Candy on the vine… Very Pretty Plants.I would love to Cheech and Chong a Room full of smoke with that LSD your growing listening to some old Rock and Roll.


Thanks bro :sunglasses:. Yea I agree that lsd looks tasty. I hope the smoke is as good as it looks. Next run I’m thinking 6 plants of strains I have already grown and see how they do in auto pots. First time running the same strain again in about two years of growing.

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There will be the REAL proof. Dirt vs Auto… and with your History documentation of the Dirt from past grow.

That will be interesting I’ll bet.

I have found I better document…stuff takes awhile to grow out…

I smoke too much to remember without putting it down as notes. :grinning:

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When I’m doing the 2 weeks water only, the first week I go for a lot of runoff to help clear out the medium, at least 50% til I see the color change starting in the leaves and then back down to about to about 25-30% runoff for the last week.


Thanks for taking time to reply. I value you words. Your one of the heavy hitters here for sure.

The grow box temperature going into to the first plain PH-d RO water event #1 tomorrow: 77F at 47% RH.

Your fingers have to get tired, :grin:

The information you freely share is saving alot weed heads like me and others here alot of failed Grow attempts.

I am going to quit thanking you @hellraiser, but got to say…I appreciate you Brother.

I like to copy and paste various explanations you give in a stand alone word document I have saved from various posts here and there on the forum.

Great Tips…From a guy who hit the swung the bat and hit the homer himself.

How F-ing good is that?

You are 777 In my book Brother.

I pretty sure we are regionally connected “Weather Wise”, so I I find that a plus when I read some of your humidity problems, or lack there of. I remember a BIG tornado in that area along time ago and I am dangerously close to the 6 zero myself so along time ago when I was young… My sister was living there at the time we went up afterwards.

Sharing a Virtual Cheech and Chong smoke session with you.

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Update 23 NOV (Day 87 Above Dirt) Wedding Cake ILGM Autos / Dirt

Today was watering event 1 or 2 on the finish up.

RO was Reading 43 PPM and I had the ever sinking PH values on the meter with no lock. Low Ions. I threw 3 Walt Garrison Pinches and got the water up reading 108 PPM with Epsom Salts. It was either that or piss in the bucket, so I went with the logical choice. I know better than putting any tap water here. I felt like Fing Martha Stewart with my big spoon in the bucket. The Smiley face appeared on the Apera at 125 PPM . I had to dial down the PH of 9 of my RO water.

The Apeara is a good middle of the road PH pen, so I KNEW I was Golden with the numbers. This shit water I got is 9.0 PH with RO at 43 PPM. Harsh H20 is the only way to describe it. Make your hands crack and dry out.

Took Reading again of Bucket fluids to make sure that what I charted was good when I got the bucket about half way down. Still reading 6.5 PH at 140 PPM, so pretty close to the charted start of 125 ppm. About the same as when the bucket had 4.5 Gal.

Right now I have 6x16 sitting on the bags. Going to go in and collect some data…

1st Collection at 26 oz of fluid out the bag. Started with 4.5 Gal used all of it almost.

Round 1 Numbers

All Plants at RO + 125 PPM

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 1112 PPM OUT- PH OUT: 6.2

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 730 PPM OUT- PH OUT: 6.2

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 960 PPM OUT- PH OUT: 6.3

I have a total of 16x11 rounds on each plan (176 oz per plant)t. The last 2 bottles were a pour, technique around the base. A deluge. I stopped and caught the numbers at Bottle #6 x 16 fl oz. I think?

Coming back to collect the data on this 2nd run off which by replies I got…Think I am on track?

I might should have gone another round 16 oz bottle but I did not. Approx 52 oz run off average total. Playing the 3 card Monte chasing semi full pans of run off. These things are shaking and waving when the bag is carefully moved….I am praying I don’t snap anything…

Round 2 measurements were a bit surprising. Dirt you bag numbers may differ. I see the appeal of coco. A You know what you got medium. I may have got a couple extra rat turds in my bag. Not sure? I do see the wild variances that I kind of was not expecting. Next time I am going to have more water prepared in the bucket at 6 gal start fluid on hand.

Round 2 Numbers:

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 1340 PPM OUT OUT: 6.2

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 990 PPM OUT- PH OUT: 6.2

125 PPM IN- PH IN: 6.5 / 1140 PPM OUT- PH OUT: 6.3

2nd reading somewhat surprising. These all have 11 rounds x16oz saturation soak, with the last two bottles coming from a pour. My numbers were surprising somewhat. I will taste and see what happens next time. These had input I jazzed up a pinch or three to get the medium above the mark to compensate for the PH drift. I almost followed that bad path. I was good on input mix and numbers this time.

Each plant basically got 11x 16 with 52 oz of run off. So I did not keep hitting the bags with additional fluid. I was out of RO in the bucket.

Currently 68F at 65 RH. I noticed that dropped to 35% RH with the bags removed from the grow box. Current lamp wattage…149s down from 168s.

Might should have guessed another round of feed today, but the WC is high THC. I shop by THC values on the ILGM Web Site. This stuff is going to put the Stone on Me. I am sure….I got to carefully get the bitxches out one more time without breaking.

Lower stuff suffering a bit as the plants are slithering up the wall. Walls of my closet are my Scrog. Wedding Cake this Smoke is a good Strain. Big Buds…Tough as nails…

Today’s pics. I could not do line up Family shot.

Happy Holidays.

Uploading: New Dirt Plant 2-23 Nov - Copy.jpg…


Looking good brother! :sunglasses:
I also remove plants for watering the sway gets bad I found using 1 stake in the middle of the plant by the trunk and tying branches to the stake helps a lot


If you have to move them around I would get some bamboo stakes and tie them up properly. Probably 3 or 4 per plant set at the edge. Then coral those buds before they topple over and your posting about how to repair broken stems. IMO
Don’t want to risk a mishap now.

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@beardless I know…If they break…that will lock in the Fertilizer Fresh Taste. Been there done that…got the Tshirt… :stuck_out_tongue:

I pulled a fan leaf stem and chewed on it…tasting the fluids… Shit I was out there for the 0320 so I was stoned think I am on the right track. Got to move them 10 ft…1 more time… may go to Lowes for some green plant Rods later… I got 2 days to find something.

Damn…I see a spot in Spanks tent where I could sneak in and curl up on the floor for a afternoon nap after Thanksgiving Dinner Later today. Unzip…sneak in…Turn the Fans off and take a quick 30 min power nap after some Thanksgiving BBQ for lunch.

These things are making me rethink my finish strategy for next Grow around…Heaviness…I am not prepared properly with material on hand for sure. I have the lower portion secure…I don’t like to keep them out of the filtered area for long…LOL… I need to NASCAR (Tire Change Fast) something to them… water and get back in for that final 4 days…

They will be fairly dry…I really want to hit them with some water probably on the normal watering 4th day cycle… they are dangerously close to breaking would be my guess?

Should I just go into the 2 days of dark with pretty dry bags? Or secure and Hit them the 3 water RO / PH only? Securing…I am leaning towards the 3rd Deluge Splashing the Girls with the cleanse again…? IDKS though.


Happy Thanksgiving


When I do a dark period b4 harvest I try to make sure I dont water 2 days before (when in soil). In my coco grows I don’t fertigate the last day at all before I turn lights off.


In my Scenario…I am going to water #2 Final on 27th…Are you saying you would quit total water at that point…routine lights 4 days…Dark at that point?

I know when it all comes down to it…I seems like you have to guess or plan 2 weeks ahead for finish?..Meaning guess when you going to flush or Leech the bags…

OK…Re-reading your words…you mean (NO water withing 48 hours of chop?)

Yes this brother, well 96hrs if your doing 48hrs in the dark b4 chop

If your counting those 2 days in the dark I should have said

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!
I would take them out one more time just be extremely careful
I’ve only broken branches when rushing and hitting a branch on something.
If you did happen to break one they are close enough to get you high you could test the difference taste you may get out of the broken branch vs not and also give you some early test buds

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I don’t worry very much about “flushing”. It seems like something comes up and throws plans off schedule. When I think I am in the harvest time frame (most pistils turned, plant looking a little beat up, a few amber on the buds with a good number on fan leaves) I decrease nutrients to 50%, increase runoff amount, next water I add AN flawless finish. If 48 hours of dark works out great, if not so be it. Depending on humidity levels I may water before dark period. I watered the girls in the tent (coco) before turning off the lights because rH was so low. Then again, when it is all said and done, none of it probably really makes much difference one way or the other.