Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)



Dude…I got some messed up hands and my operations made bad both worse…I give them the light trim and watch out for the leaves when I throw them in the grinder before I puff on them.

This time I am not going to keep the big branches at some point during the cure they will be removed.

I got three nice pretty big tupperwear where I will be able to mix match the wet and dryer buds during the cure. I am going with food grade plastic and throwing the dice on with the imparting a plastic taste…

I would love to sit back and Cheech and Chong a Room full of smoke with you.

Until then Bro…A Virtual High to you

Stay Healthy!


Hell yea man!!

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We were just talking about this on Mo’s thread :laughing: I pretty much do my trimming on the plants which is what you have done to yours then I dry the plants whole once dry there’s just a few fan leaves I missed and I do a rough trim is what I call it just the biggest leaves come off. Imo unless you want thin trim for hash or cooking doing a close trim is a waste of trichomes. Here’s a pic of my trimmed buds


I was just at my orthopedist this week. My arthritis progressed significantly the past couple of years. Plus, my carpal tunnel has worsened. That is one reason I use these expensive ass scissors. I can open them.

I also wet trim - just the big stuff. When I do a bud wash I mean I literally wet trim. I lay the branch in the peroxide wash and pull or cut the fan leaves and other leaves off. I find I don’t beat up the buds doing it this way. I find it easier too. Roll it over in the water to do the other side.

Another device that has made trimming easier is the Cannabrush. When it has dried you simple brush the bud like giving it a shave. I was amazed at how slick it worked.

I for one think those buds and your plants look first rate. I would take those ALL DAY LONG (I am not a Lionel Ritchie or Garth Brooks fan)


@beardless I saw you talking to someone else the other day about those brushes it seems like a great idea kinda reminds me of bag trimming


Not familiar with bag trimming technique. I will be putting the brush to work in another week. I’ll see if am as happy with it the second time as I was the first.


Bag trimming is just throwing your dry buds into a bag and you roll n shake it up the buds rub each other and the bag this knocks the leaves off. When I grew outdoors I would have a lot of weed to trim and bag trimming works and you end up with a ton of hash material


Hey @Work4iT, I bought a Cannabrush this year and LOVE it! It’s not perfect but it saves time and wear on your hands… It’s pretty dang close though! Weed has to be dry with no flexibility in the leaves you want to knock off!

Here is a before and after of a bud


Very nice brother! Be proud of those ladies and the nursing and adjusting you’ve made to pull this kind of buds off :love_you_gesture:



Tell me how much peroxide are you using approx per gal?

Also how long (Seconds) is the fresh bud submerged in the H20 / Peroxide solution?

I hear every body talking about this bud washing. I think I might give it a whirl myself. Don’t want to F up my next 6 months of smoke though…

Exactly what it sounds like


Looking great doing a great job!

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Plants look great! In the first pic the plant closest to you is really frosty looking with nice fat colas. A great harvest is in the near future.

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Wedding cake makes some pretty looking buds in the can. Solid buds. Grown these big beauties before.

I like that autopot tutorial you got going on over there/ learning on the high wire. Too late to lose focus now. Don’t crash the grow. Looking good!

Hope you do a quick post after thoughts once you chop them.

dirt vs auto

I see your out there bouncing that question about the flush. You are right in asking.

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@Beardless Admiring your buds. What Flavor is the Bud next to the Red scissors?

Pretty Looking…Is that that GDP you grew out. Red - Blue?

Also…I am looking at your tub. I am guessing 5 Gallon? This Tub will wash 1 plant and then you change or are you just going by the dirty look of the water?

I know for sure I would have to definitely RO. If I dipped the plants in this tap I might as well throw them in the trash.

You are PH-ing this water with Peroxide?

I read people do this both indoor and outdoor grows. Still debating on this technique, but I do follow how you can kind of get in there and pull off those leaves coming out of the bud cluster while the weed is wet. I read somebody just helicopters the water out of the weed…swishing away like a bouquet of flowers, outside of course…

I am worried about “Water Logging” the weed and washing off all the sugary looking stuff on the bud.

Still on the Fence. Can you give me a little more on your Mix ratio and how long you are drip drying the weed? I would like to know more about your dry cure ritual. Do you have any visuals up here that describe your best refined techniques?

Just a weed head, looking for tips. Happy Thanksgiving to you Brother.

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Thanks Spanks.

I am going to come back and just float this out there to anybody who wants to wade thru this and provide a answer.

My Flush Technique that I am fixing to do… I personally have never really Hit the nail on the head and done a perfect Happy Ending with the plants.

I am going for no taste. that is My goal.

For anybody new growing this stuff. Very PH Sensitive and Get a Bad ass lamp and PPM / PH meter and follow directions here… :laughing:

Anyway if you do no flush correctly (chop too early) hello slight metallic taste. Ask me how I know…

I like to saturate water with my 16 oz bottles while listening to something to soothe the soul. Usually I am seeing bag run off at bag 6x16 oz on my 3 gal fabric bags.

Each watering I have been exceeding the 20%, I have been actually collecting total 30% just about each fluid event as I am mixing 4.5 gallon of water between the 3. I probably use 3.75 between them all.

So Finally I ask this…

Lets say I have achieved the RO water bag run off at 30% here next event, as the water is exiting the bag, I want to ditch the squeeze bottle fine tip and flood pour about anther 1/2 Gal from old water Jug while spinning the plant around. Letting that addition excess drain out swapping pans.

I am going to catch Initial PPM Reading at approx 20%. probably going to let some the intermediate run off go down the drain…then a Final Run Off after that Full drain has played out.

I am really interested in these numbers. I think 2200 is the boundary limits on Input. I also see where you have to finesse this shit. Don’t hit it too hard with sister sledge. They are pretty tough though…

I am going to go back and plug then Input Output PPM/PH in to excel and share… at the end.

Any thoughts on Flush Technique number one. . Next Event" RO water Flush 1 on 23rd.

At the end i am going to autopsy the Root balls also and take pics. I am interested. I see @dennis62 going big with 3 Gal Hard containers. Just for shits and giggles… and to document the root system.

This post will finish with: Dry, cure, final weight, root ball pics.

My digital library for next time.

So anybody care to throw out some free advice? @beardless @MeEasy @Hellraiser


Between the auto pots and coco these plants have the biggest main stalk out of any plants in the past. The root growth and development is like non other. I have roots growing trough my copper pot sock! I already got two more auto pots to run six next grow if I want.

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It is purple haze.
I put 20 liters of water in the clear bin I use for peroxide wash. Because I had mold / bud rot I used a fairly strong 3% peroxide wash. I added 400ml of peroxide. I did not pH the wash. I also often use baking soda in the first wash container. I did not this time. Getting lazy.
There is no water logging of the flower. After they drip dry for a while you would never know they went for a dip.
This is from spliffseeds

Bud wash - spliffseeds
Container Per liter units Liters H2O Quantity
1 Baking Soda - low 1 grams 30 30
1 Baking Soda - high 2 grams 30 60
2 Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10 ml 20 200
2 lemon juice - 1/2 lemon per 10L
3 Water for rinse

Time to drip dry - it depends on conditions and long-term drying situation. Because they will be going into cardboard boxes to dry I do not want them actually dripping water or real damp. Wait until dry to the touch. Same if using the tent to dry. If rh is very low I would be less concerned putting them in the tent if damp.


I did not change the peroxide water. After an hour I added some more peroxide. It does weaken over time.
I got a new toy. A moisture meter people had mentioned using. I took a couple readings as I put the buds into the boxes. Their rH varied between 17 - 20%