Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)

Pretty sure this is old news, but I was just looking at that bill they introduced 30 September in regards to federal cannabis legalization 2021. Long way from being law yet, but it would be nice for this to be taken care of at the Federal Level with one fell swoop. :crossed_fingers:


Going to Run the numbers below past the audience of one. Any thoughts to the leaf color situation?

Previous Grows I had some holes in the Titanic and was still playing electric “Air Guitar” on deck so for me this grow I am still feeling OK.

Tomorrow is water day and I see 80-82F as the bags are starting to feel pretty light.

Last Old Run Off 1: 1740 PPM
Last New Run Off 2: 1560 PPM
Last New Run Off 3: 2640 PPM

Above were the final Run Off Measured 20% Run Off previously.

Pics from today. All plants looking a bit pale, but trying to stay slightly above 1000-1400 PPM / week 7 on Flora chart.

I am still thinking 25% for first two and water and Cal Mag for #3? Anybody?

Not sure if I should be more concerned with the pale leaves or the burnt tips, LOL

Leaves have a bit of burn at the very tip. They all look this same shade of green to me.


It kind of looks like magnesium deficiency. You said you use a Cal Mag but Magnesium from Epson Salt is natural vs most petroproduced Mag in supplements. Doesn’t take much. I used 1/2 t to 5 gallons of water and only once a week.

Other than that it looks fine. Burnt tips could be from anything… lights, nutes , zinc… are you adding any micro nutrients?


That is what I would do and I also agree with @Caligurl add 1gram per gal of Epson salt to the mix I used to get that light color and 1 dose of Epson was very noticeable in darkening up the leaves
Leaf tips are not bad would not worry about them now

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No I am just going with the line up above Flora Trio and PH basically. I and see Epsom Salts mentioned by readers, but did not know if dirt growers were supposed to use it.

Question: If I mix 5 gal of solution how much Epsom Salt and how often are you adding that to the plant?

Just when the leaves look a little pale?


I put alot of stock in your opinion. Thanks for throwing that out there…I know you’re a mechanic and work in a Garage, so I am not going to find fault if you Stoned Scientific opinions are a little off. :cowboy_hat_face:

Update 14 OCT (Day 47 Above Dirt)

@spankyjr1 , and other stoned web surfers,

I figure I am at the approximately half way of this 100 day grow experiment.

The New Dirt x2 Plants are 25” and the Recycled Dirt plant is 21.”

I added the equivalent to 3 or 4 hand fulls of FFHF on the top of all of the bag as the dirt is slightly pulling away from edges from repetitive watering. I do not want to expose root system to light in anyway. Adding the dirt may skew the PPM numbers Run Off slightly today. I don’t care.

Stealing thoughts from one of my Grow Heros… @Hellraiser, “We are not Trying to clone people, we just trying to grow weeds.” Just trying to keep things very accurate, but stuff happens. I think his statement was prompted from a concern the reader had as to why he was not calibrating the PH meter to any other number range but 7. Makes sense to me. I am drinking that Cool-Aid. Keep simple thing simple like @dennis62.

Today, I developed my stoned 3 plant watering strategy based off my last event run off on the 10th. Based off previous Run off numbers… so as crazy at it seems I am only “watering” the old dirt today. Flora Target PPM is 1000-1400 according to their chart for Week 7. I think I read on grow weed easy is you are looking for within 1 pt PH run off on what ever your PH Run off as it was going in. I got that so on track I feel for the most part.

Grow weed easy also had in there article that the input range of 6.0-7.0 varying the PH on different events as some nutrients may intake better at 6.2 and other nutes maybe 6.7 makes sense for dirt growers.

I Added about 80 oz of fluid and let it sit then came back and finish the fluids in 10-15 min after the soak. I washed my RO collection pans after adding the dirt (spillage) to get a good accurate reading for run off.

Strategy: I am trying to let that initial 80 oz sit on that root ball under the main stem and soak for a good proper Flooding of the dirt then come back and hit it with that last 40 oz of fluid to achieve run off. All bags taking about 1.25 gal I had 26 oz-32 oz run off that may be a hair high but oh well. We growing weeds MFrs., @caligurl, LOL, Joking…Dont’s shoot. :wink:

Real light defoiliation as there won’t be much plucked off from this point forward. I see I must have splashed some grow potion on the plant last time as there was one bad leaf. I do not see bugs, but ready for them if the appear (Neem & Spinosaid). I drank the cool aid and bought some to have on hand.

I am coming back to your mention you are brain storming for a auto watering device for CoCo. My mind was spinning and I was thinking about that……Get a Hydro water Ring that sprays…Might have to drill holes in it but branch off wagon wheel spoke like tubes for tributaries (tubing and plugs, ring, plastic pieces for water), to carry water to the top of the coco container and make them immobile. I bet you can buy something off the shelf close. I would be concerned with auto watering you might get lopsided watering of the bag. I would want total saturation of the medium when the water auto watering device comes on and cycled… If I use small drip tubing and run my water thru it will scale up and plug over time. I am just throwing thoughts out there to get your fabrication idea juices flowing.

Today’s Number:

Old Dirt Bag 1: Fed 0.25% Label on bottle following the “Bloom and Ripening” Line on the bottle.
Start Solution PPM (RO + Tap): 111 PPM
Feed solution PPM with Flora Trio Nutes, No Cal Mag: 460 PPM
PH In: 6.3 No Adjusting
PH Run Off: 6.3
Today Run Off: 1380 PPM
Note: Previous Fluid Event Run Off: 1740 PPM

New Dirt Bag 2: Fed 0.25% Label on bottle following the “Bloom and Ripening” Line on the bottle.
Start Solution PPM (RO + Tap): 111 PPM
Feed solution PPM with Flora Trio Nutes, No Cal Mag: 460 PPM
PH In: 6.3 No Adjusting
PH Run Off: 6.0
Today Run Off: 1940 PPM
Note: Previous Fluid Event Run Off: 1560 PPM

New Dirt Bag 3: Water and CAL Mag Only
Start Solution PPM (RO + Tap): 95 PPM
Feed solution PPM with Cal Mag only: 175 PPM
PH In: 6.6
PH Run off: 6.0
Today Run Off: 1650 PPM
Note: Previous Fluid Event Run Off: 2640 PPM


Nope, I use it from start to almost finish (not the last 3 weeks). I use 1/34 teaspoon in 5 gallons once a week. I’ve used it during every single feeding (which is every other watering) but I don’t see much difference cutting it back to once a week. It’s hard to overdo it, you just don’t need that much diluted into the water.

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Don’t use neem oil during flower…

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Got it. I had to pick up some Scooby-Doo Snacks for the hounds and just so happen, I saw a lifetime supply of Epsom salts for 5 bucks at Walmart. I guess I can take up foot soaking to try and use some of it up before I pass away.

Now for the final… are you using it with the Cal Mag or in place of?

Just looking for opinions. I may choose the unorthodox route to follow.

I use it with GO Cal/Mag

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Got it. Just wanted to have plan A Veg and Plan B flower killing solutions on hand as I could only try and kill them with cuss words prior to Mr. Amazon knocking.

Just wanting to have kill potions on standby in case I see some critters.

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This looks incredible, thanks for inviting me to join your journey. Very detailed and hope to learn more from you

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That should have read 1/4 teaspoon on the Epsom Salt

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TTP Brother, I am on Rookie status but, I self sustain my high with a little help from my Friends. They are all here contributing to my stoned self on this thread.

Check out my Zkittle -closet conversion thread…I put those Wedding cake, Gold Leaf and Zkittle thru Rookie stress…I was Fing it up at the wholesale level. Learn from my mistakes.

If you want to, … “Get Rich Quick”…Check out Brother @Hellraiser various threads.

His “Gorilla Glue” Thread of over 8500 posts will get you on track for growing in dirt. Pack a suit case for that one. I am still plowing thru the posts.

I am beginning to think @spankyjr1 has got alot of Grow Game also.

Many people here with lots of knowledge so pick a team and start beating the Grow drum.


Developed a surprising (To me anyway) leaf problem. One of my New Dirt plants has dull green and F-d leaves.

Run off from last time to refresh.

Going to tag some early risers to hopefully get a strategy if different from what I lay out below. @beardless @spankyjr1

This Plant with f-d leaves Last Run off 1380 PPM.
Run off Previously Bag 2- 1940 PPM
Run off Previously Bag 3- 1650 PPM

Confused as to water with Epsom Salts (1 Gram of Rock salt per Gallon is it?) or Feed the plants. This is start of 8th week and the Flora Chart (I know it is for photos) says target run off 1000-1400.


  1. Feed the plant?
  2. should I apply Cal mag and Epsom Salts 1 Gram per gal of Water?

Was surprised that is plant has the leaf problem.

Pic is Old #1, #2,#3 from left to right.

With the old dirt run off at 1350 last time I am inclined to (Feed at 1/2 Label bring numbers up like other 2 that are green) and hit them with Epsom Salts for the very first time and watch close the next 4 days to see how it reacts.

Feed the good bags 2 &3 feed at 1/4 Label?


Correction Can’t edit. The Plant #3 with bad leaves was 1650 PPM previous. This is new Dirt #3

Last Grow Making alot of mistakes. Pic from same time period.

I added 1 gram of Cal Mag per Gallon to all buckets Going to Feed lowest Last Time run off with 50% label. The other 2 bags will get 25% label.

Grow 2 Pics- Last Grow Lots of Mistakes - Copy

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Truthfully, I ended up paying less attention to runoff PPM and more on pH. My thinking is possible overload of magnesium. If you are giving both CalMag and Epsom Salt. Epsom salt is of course magnesium sulfate. What is the runoff pH looking like? The combination of the two with pH possibly being off can really mess with uptake.
I ran into that big time with my sub irrigated planter experiment.
This was when I first really noticed I had an issue (photo on 6/9).

She was a mess by 6/26

I tried flushing her out on 6/28 but too much damage was done.

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I use both Cal Mag and Epsom but not together and I only use the Epsom about once a week… never had any issues.


I used Jack’s 321 and additional calmag. the combination of the epsom salt in Jack’s formula with additional calmag may have been magnified by very high pH (7 in peat) which caused major problems that I did not recognize soon enough and correct. So the only known was the wack pH. Was the problem compunded with using both calmag and epsom? I can’t say with absolute certainty. Experienced Jack’s users read the riot act to me about using Jack’s 321 formula and calmag so I stopped. So far so good.