Here we GrOw Again (ILGM- Wedding Cake Autos)

From my research you want to look up gummies with lecithin. The lecithin acts as an emulsifier, and also makes the weed hit faster and harder, but the trade off is shorter duration. Just make sure you use sunflower lethicin. The soy one is the one thats tied to all the bad stuff. Someone also mentioned avocado oil having lecithin naturally in it. Chocolate does in a minor amount too, which is why brownies and weed have been such a great combo

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Dude,…All the way back to the Days of Cheech and Chong if my weed history serves me correct?

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Yes I have a concentrates journal that shows how to make the concentrate and the gummies


I’ve heard of using lecithin but have never done it. My gummies are always a hit


Feel free to share your link here. I want to get the right one.

Prett sure the journal addresses it but do you freeze them or how long do they stay good after you create them?

Is there anyway you calculate MG value approx without shipping it off for testing?


So I just keep it in the fridge. You don’t neeed to calculate THC because it is 750mg per gram of concentrate. If you have a plant with lower THC you will just yield less concentrate. That’s what I love about … dosing is so easy!


I bought a couple ounces off amazon for $8. Figure ill make some with and without. Some nights ya want a powerful short high, and some nights you want a long one lol.

Health benefits are supposed to be great too. Memory improvement, artery unclogger, cholesterol reducer…i could definitely use some memory enhancers lol

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Update 28 OCT (Day 61 Above Dirt)

Took the girls out for a photo line up. I see dull, I see bad leaves and I see buds I am pretty happy with for day 61.

I keep thinking about Spanky’s net PPM comment and equation he shared earlier and @hellraiser ‘s words of Look hungry. Still trying to figure out how the old dirt #1 has the best looking leaves of the three.

Another thing about this 22x22. I would like to spread the plants open more but I am pretty confined. I still think the total weight of the 3 and hopefully descent buds to smoke as opposed to spreading out more growing 2 like I have in the past in this space. Have to experiment and so far I think 3 will produce a nice bit of smoke. I am actually surprised the lower leave are not terrible due to lack of canopy penetration by this HLG 135 v2 @ Max 168w currently. I felt pretty good growing 2 in this space. Here I feel like I am meshing gear teeth together trying to get things to lock in so I can close the door.

I see a few hairs of color change. I am thinking I may go 0.75 % label and I will lay off Epsom Salts this go around just for giggles.

I am pretty sure those crappy leaves are here to stay until chop. I have not look at Jorge’s video yet. Still wondering what I got F-d up in my technique. Is it a combo Lighting, water issues? Somebody mentioned somewhere that using GH Flora Trio (1970s Great Fertilizers, LOL) you need to flush periodically, Never found anything on that. I have chloramine treated H20 as the city source so I keep wondering about that bit of tap water do I really need to add that to the RO water seeing how the chems will bring PPM up to a read steady accurate level to read.

I see the big tents. I am resisting the urge. I got to keep things real that is way too much for me and there is more risk than I am willing to take at this location. This 22x22 is growing more than I can smoke. I am puffing like a freight train trying to keep up though.

I am itching to try @caligurl QWET recipe and do something good for the wife with it.

0420? Heck. we need to start having 0320 role call and a 0420 bon fire. I am going to go torch up get the head right.

Have a great day and as always. I am open to to any reply. Constructive criticism or whatever. I am here for weed growing tips, tricks, and conversation about what ever.


Easy 'Bout time you got out of bed. :wink: How you doing Brother?

Have you got a full grow out of your new lights you purchased over at the new place yet? I like your lighting chart you shared with me back a few replies, and the thought you planted in my head about Heat and Tricomes and Lighting. I am going to back off (-20w down to 148w) mid Nov just for fun until the finish up is my plan right now. Does that seem OK? Just wondering what would easy do, If you had to finish up this grow of mine?

I took your chart “heat or wattage dial down” graph as mimic the outdoor season / nature just like the progression of the seasons. I remember back to when I was a kid, those killer black market buds always arrived for Halloween the end of October. I am still mesmerized by the purples. I usually crash my leaves by the end so I am admiring a abstract art of a looking plant with various degrees of wrong applied…LOL.

I thought there was a “0420 Roll Call” around this place?

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I’m up I tried three times last night to get some sleep but probably only got an hour n a half.
I haven’t done a full grow with em yet but I have new plants under both I got a little stretch in both tents but expected some mistakes running new lights.
Yes I would have backed down on the lighting I do on all my grows I lose a little weight doing it but I’m not worried about weight, don’t get me wrong I want to get the most out of my plants but I would rather have better quality. I like it when the kids come in after trying out a new one and say they couldn’t smoke a whole joint because they thought they were going to fall off the chair :rofl:


You water to runoff, right? I think so but I’m still too asleep to scroll back and look LOL…

If so, you won’t need to flush unless something looks awry

They actually look better outside the tent. The leaves will start turning yellow at this stage so I don’t think I’d worry about it. I agree to try and go 75%… The Epsom you can’t really overdo it…

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Yes Cleared the hurdle of not watering to run off on a previous grow, but yes I use to fall victim to it.

I have deviated from the initial strategy of Feed/Water/Feed as I have been microdosing them along here lately, but plants have been doing well.

From this point forward I am totally stopping adding any tap to my Rev Osmosis start up water solution. I had been adding 8 oz, but 8 oz of tap treated with chloramine may not be advisable. May be the root cause of my leafs being or getting jacked or, gradual progression of nasty water build up in the plant creating. I do not feel No need whatsoever as long as I add anything (Epsom Salts…I will at a min vary the amount I add of ES. That will give me a better start off solution I can feel confident in my PH value +100 PPM, so meaning. I am thinking now I’d rather have the additional ppm of ph solutions as opposed to add any of this tap water I am dealing with.

I almost want to hit them with full Flora Trio label mix this next go around… Probably be a game time decision on the 30th. It will be .75 or Full Label for sure. Have to dry off you faucet or it will get terrible looking from the hard water.

I still got time to get the flush right. As long as I don’t screw something up I will be happy with the buds these plants give me. Wedding cake is a nice smoke.

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You are in Canada Right? What is dispensary weed go for up there? You guys are totally legal +21 Rec for all who care to toke on some herb, right? I am still back in the 70s. Feel like Elvis just got his badge from Nixon.

Is there a medical card holder access to the purchasing system up there that gives card holders to access better weed than the weed they can sell on the Recreational side?

Med vs Rec? Any difference?

I see the USA they have introduced Fed Legalization but that is along way from either branch approving and Brandon from signing it.


I live in the desert southwest of the US in NM it just became legal here recreational there’s a medical program that gives you access to weed now because they haven’t started to sell recreational in the store and when they do they have to save a % of their stock for medical patients. I believe it’s March next year they’ll start selling recreational

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Ok for some reason I thought those Ducks you spoke of before were North of the Border. Still get a kick of the thought where you had the binoculars around your neck to deal with the Ranger when you went to check the gorilla grow. :laughing:

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Have you ever sprinkled these on your weed?

Update 30 OCT (Day 63 Above Dirt)

Here is the Ribs I cooked for @MeEasy for crushing a grow and harvesting some beautiful buds. Also for sharing his grow strategy and experience freely with the members. Love to read the Grow thoughts you have bouncing around in your mind as well as others.

BTW, I am adding binoculars to the Things to buy list if I ever attempt a Gorilla Grow in Duck Wetlands, LOL.

I am also whoring around for likes so I will post Pics of the Primo Ribs.

@hellraiser @beardless @caligurl @exofly and my main man Spankster for talking strategy with me. Your guidance has helped a lot. I am thinking more as opposed to splashing grow potions around.
The weed I am growing if I could compare to buds to ribs… I would tell myself to totally ditch any trace of Tap water as I really think that maybe my root cause from this point forward. I know I probably got too much weed stuffed in this closet to let them fully expand and grow big but, all part of the yield experiment I am doing.

Going full label on the Flora Trio this AM. My initial solution has NO Tap mixed in. Don’t need it. Hurting my attempts I feel. Back with the numbers in a bit.


Those ribs look great. A good alternative to tap water is rain water. Its free RO water. Ive got 2 giant tubs i keep out back when its going to rain. I can get anywhere from 4 to 16 gallons free after a good storm lol


Ex what is rain? Ive heard of it before. Is that the stuff that makes your windshield muddy when it falls from the sky occasionally? The Barrels in plastic become brittle when exposed to the UV here after awhile. Fricking Wind is crazy here, too.

I was looking at my semi new shower hose, BTW my weed laboratory also serves as a dual purpose person shower.


Now the stainless fake hose is still only 2 years old, but not top of the line fake chrome either, but even the Brand names are cheap now. I was surprised somewhat. Water is a bad MF’er.

I need a water softener and RO is just how you roll here. I don’t have a softener, yet.

Going to attempt #1 soak it in White Vinegar and Hot water. I think I got a old Folgers can somewhere.