Here we go…Tora Bora. 18th Aug 2021…its a girl

@spudeater65 So I don’t derail another grower’s topic. Ready for it?

I suffer from Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, arthritis, bursitis and scoliosis all throughout my entire body. From Spinal canal stenosis to broken bones in my big toes. I have lived in so much pain I played Russian Roulette with my .38 special. I have spent 1/2 my life in debilitating pain.

Now add in 16 pinched nerves to both legs and hands. Fibromyalgia as well. Many surgeries.

Inoperable and will wake up paralysed from the waist down which presents its own unique medical problems. Both the Sciatic and Femoral nerves to both legs 20% dead over 3 years ago. The list goes on and on and on.

When I say tolerance I mean stuff doesn’t work. Example: I had my top and bottom gums lines cut 3 times with 300 stitches put in each time. As the Specialist said I read your medical file and aware of my tolerances. He then said this is going to hurt. I said lets do this. He was right… it hurt but I tolerated it.

Even Insulin doesn’t work on me. My liver was severally damaged as a kid so this is why most things don’t work. If it does, you blink an eye and its gone.

So if you see me recommend a strain, keep all this in your head and procede with caution. :+1::+1::+1:


Brother I know the level of pain and you still are able to live. All I can say is if you say a strain works then we will buy it. I will share one small moment of pain. In my 8 hour upside down back fusion from S-1 to L-5 because of ayto wreck My L-4 was pushed forward to were my cord was going to be cut. So in my upside down time I woke up during surgery , I couldn’t move but hell yeah I felt a backpain like never ever. I heard the heart montier going off and the doctor swearing Why is he awake and then boom I was out. So I can feel some of your pain. This stuff helps the best


I don’t even have a L5 disc. L2 to S1 is torched. Thus inoperable. When they take me into an OR, they make sure to drop me into Never, Never Land. My Doctors have no clue how I am still walking. Neither do I thus I had sped up seeing other Countries till Covid struck. Now its on hold.

G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD is excellent at controlling pain. Garden of Green Super Critical Bud CBD gives the best of both worlds…a hell of a mind and body high.

I’m growing Tora Bora so I hope its like what I got in Colorado. It cut down the pain in one puff.

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That would be awesome!! WW helped a little.

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WW didn’t help me. Check out Peach Puree CBD. It knocked the pain from a buddy who was Stage IV metastasis cancer in his entire body. He said he didn’t get a head high but his pain went to zero.

I can verify it helps me but for it to really would I would have to smoke non-stop. I will live with the pain long as I can get to sleep at night. So my cocktail of pills plus smoking helps me grt to sleep.


I will definitely check it out thanks! Black seed oil has helped me for the last 4 1/2 yrs. I call it my superman oil

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@Carpenter This was my Peach Puree CBD plant 6th week of flowering.

The big cola is the upper right hand corner. The other is the main cola which was wider than a volleyball by the time she finished.

When I recommend a strain, you can see why knowing whats wrong medically. I absolutely love this strain. I stay pretty clear head while it works magic on my pain areas.


That’s a beast!!! :+1: thank you so much!!

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She is so heavy in buds, I had to pull out the PVC pipes.


I pulled off a fan leaf that was loaded with trichomes on the stem and let my sister smell it. Her reaction was wooooooo. This female Tora Bora is strong smelling.

I did tear off a whole branch and its sitting in water. I will get a new picture up today. Playing Pokemon all day.

@MidwestGuy So we don’t derail that other topic. I have a story for you.

After the Veterans Administration awarded me with 70% Service connected disability I planned a trip to London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Cardiff, Wales just after completing College classes in the summer.

I went to the Davidoff Shop in London. Cool place. I picked up two Montecristo A’s which at the time was $150 each. I bought other Cubans of course for a grand total around $600.

I land in Chicago O’Hare and I was waiting for my luggage when a Chicago Police Officer was coming straight at me. So I am starting to panic on the inside for obvious reasons. Mind you he was with a beagle and over 100 feet from me. It felt like it took forever for him to close the distance.

Really worried at this point. I only was making
around $1k a month. Just at the last second the dog turned to the lady in front of me. Bark bark bark went the dog.

Turns out the dog was sniffing for food coming in. All over a banana so I thanked the one watching over me. From that point would only buy around $100 to $150 worth. I don’t get scared but it sure made me extremely nervous.

Now its 100 Cuban cigars and the max value I believe is $800. I get like the Cohiba Cigarillos now when I come back from Europe.


The “generic” Cuban Cohibas is what I bought. They were super good cigars (compared to what we get here.) Yeah, there are a lot of food dogs. I’ve watched them take away sandwiches and other silly stuff in the Customs controlled areas.

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This makes no sense to take away food items. Just ridiculous.

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The one year I bought this special Anniversary Cohiba box of 30 cigars for $1500 from Hong Kong. I ended up selling most off at the exact price I bought them for. Many on the cigar board wanted to try them. This was after the Veterans Administration awarded me 100% Unemployability.

I can say holy smokes those cigars was some of the best I have ever smoked.

So for retirement party, I selected 300 members and bombed each one with 2 different Cuban cigars each. We had a chat room on that forum. It was a lot of fun.

A buddy from Canada went to Cuba so he wanted my expertise on these two farm rolled Cuban cigars. He also sent 1 lb of Cuban coffee as he knew I am a coffee junky for quality. He did a tour and the guide had a friend work in the Cohiba factory.

I smoked both of them. I said yes, it does have some Cohiba tobacco in it but they was not 100% Cohibas. I will say this in that they was damn tasty for being farmed rolled.


Its because of insects and what not. Its how you can cause an invasive species to come in.

If you fly into the UK they don’t want farm products brought in either.

In fact they ask you have you been on a farm recently.

Now like candy and nuts for example sealed up is fine. But fruits, veggies and meat products is a no go.

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I understand your point, I can agree to disagree.

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@Covertgrower Its not me. This is Government mandates or whatever they call it. This is their reasons. I have been all over the world and see how each Country is different.

Like South Africa…they pick fruits early as they will ripen before they get shipped out to other Countries. I didn’t know this is how they do it. Plus Vervet monkeys absolutely hate unrip fruits. You can see this with bananas as many stores get them green.

Cauliflower, broccoli and bananas all can have insects on and in them. I have personally seen insects on fresh heads of cauliflower and broccoli. Really disgusting when you see it.

So I can see their reasons why and at the same time its moronic.




@bonger Here you go. :+1::+1::+1:



She is getting more fragrant as each day passes.