Here we go…Tora Bora. 18th Aug 2021…its a girl

Now power was turned off in the hottest part of the day. This is getting old fast. At least during lights out.


We didn’t t even get rain. Glad y’all made it

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Oh we got hit with over 2” of rain and this was before landfall. We didn’t get jack once he landed. We actually have a mix of blue sky and partially cloudy.

Now we did have high winds which help drop the dead branches.

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Update…week 4 nutrients tonight.

Oh she is a real stinker. Not over the top but I can smell her 8 feet away.


What type of soil and nutes are you using she looks overloaded on nitrogen

She isn’t actually. Been this way over 30 days. She also doesn’t grow straight up either. She has been an odd ball for most of her time above soil.

Been a weird mutant. Her genetics isn’t top shelf either. She will be getting a flush tonight since it will be the 4th week of flowering.

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Thays crazy she shows every sign of nitrogen toxicity lol I mean some are just built different haha

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She has been strange the whole grow. First time growing a 99% to 100% Indica. She not getting much nitrogen according to the feed schedule. I also never seen trichomes on the leave branches either.


Ohh wow that is definitely odd those pure strains can definitely be different haha

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Did a flush to start Week 4 once it dries. This will also more me using Collidal Silver on two flowers.

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@The1stTimer Check this out in how she has grown.

Crazy angle.

You can see the HLG light panel is straight. :joy::joy::joy:


Wow even her stalk looks extremely small and tinny

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Oh it is small. Smallest one I have ever grown. I stick with Sativas where this isn’t an issue. This Indica I know isn’t the best genetics and we can’t determine that till we grow said seed.

She has a heavy amount of trichomes for such a small plant. She smells so good.

My next smallest was only 3/8” wide. My Sativas are generally 1” or a little bigger.

I am hitting two small flowers near the bottom with Collidal Silver. Only thing I did was a FIM on the very top. Even her top has grown really strange. I will get a good photo of that tonight and tag you.

This is why I called her a mutant due to several things she is doing. I can’t wait till she is done. She can get up to 22% THC so there is that. This strain is mainly for pain and insomnia.

She is 99% Indica.

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I see we have libations in common. I celebrated my first harvest with this:


@Newt You should have seen my $10k collection before moving. All Single Malts sold in the UK only. Then the US changed the shipping so it was not longer able to get them.

We had a guy on the cigar board that had a collection to murder for. I mean rare. Some of his bottles was well past $5k.

He used to do group buys.

That Peat Week is hard core. Look at the label and see how many bottles was put on the market. It makes Laphroaig as a amateur in peat smoke. Strongest I have ever had.

I actually flew to Scotland twice just to drink Single Malts at the Scottish Whiskey Heritage Museum in Edinburgh. I think they changed the name. I was given the last shot of the Glenfiddich 1964 Reserve. It was almost a full shot and she gave me the empty bottle on one condition. I had to order another shot so what a steal. At the time the bottle was sold for $2000 to $2500. Smoothest Single Malt I have ever had the pleasure of trying.

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Wife and I went to Scotland to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We visited The Balvenie, The Glenfiddich, and The Glenlivet distilleries. Balvenie has long been my dram of choice, and while on the private tour and tasting, when we told them that we were celebrating our 25th, they broke out some 50 year old. It was absolutely sublime.

I brought back a bottle of 40 year old, “Secret Stills”, which turned out to be The Dalwhinnie. It was very good as well.

These days I don’t drink anything younger than 15, and try to live by the rule, don’t drink any single malt unless IT is of legal drinking age. :slight_smile:

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I bought a Glenlivet 30yo for one of my birthdays. We couldn’t stand it. As we slowly drank it down, it tasted even better. At the end it turned out wonderful. No clue why it got better. That only set me back $280.

Did you go to the Hollyrook Palace? I was there for the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee. Her Limo passed me while I was heading up to the Royal Mile. I stayed at the St Christopher’s Hostel.

Dis you walk up that structure in the park? It was like 280 steps or so. Pretty good view. Not as good as the Edinburgh Castle. Went most places twice…my first trip there alone and the second was with my best friend.

We did not. It was a whirlwind tour. 7 days, self-driving and stay in B&Bs along the way. Never having been there, I just picked B&Bs that would allow for enough time to start and end in Edinburg circumnavigating the main part of the country. We plan to go pack after I retire, and spend maybe a month.

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I will have to go through my photos and find the Hollyrook Palace in Edinburgh. Its on the Royal Mile. Opposite of the Castle. The vault in the Castle was cool. No photos of course since they wasn’t allowed.

At the Palace they had this horse carriage so beautiful.

This is why I won’t do tours. To rushed. I want to make a third trip as we have deep roots in Scotland and England. Grandma was 100% British and a WW II war bride. My oldest aunt was born in England in 1946 I believe.

I haven’t visited the Castle my family has. Next trip I will go see it.

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