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My VA hospital is about 100 miles each way an you can request to have a local Dr. check you out. I’ve done it twice now & next week will be the third time, getting old & more things breaking. There is a VA clinic in my town but when I need a specialist they set it up for me locally thru the VA hospital. So far they have covered everything thru their insurance even though I have my own.

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@pillsbury I know. I have been sent out over 40 times. But where I live is not good to go see doctors. You can go in the a Hospital with a sore shoulder and you die. You are rolling the dice. Sugarland near Houston I have been to for treatments has always been good. But I have to jump through the hoops before they will approve for outside treatment.

There isn’t much I don’t know about the VA. Been dealing with them for over 25 years. My case is so unique that the closest Clinic has told me to go to the Houston VA Hospital. I always have to do this as the clinics is not prepared for me

What I probably have going on they have no clue what causes it medically speaking. I am on several meds that they use to treat it and it’s not controlled. They probably will never know the cause and I have been researching this specific disease.


@Se7en What a giant cluster bomb. The Veterans Hospital is turning their phone system off past 1pm. I get a letter stating I have 14 days to call but it does me no good when you can not even talk to a Operator. Since its off, you can not even use the Extension number.

I wrote my PC Doctor so hopefully he can get it set up. No one is held accountable at the Veterans Admin for doing crap like this.


No wayyy bro why do the shut off at 1? That’s a hit early ain’t it? Who’s your PC doctor the one you would normally see


Its the VA Hospital way now. Ever since Covid, its been hard to get a hold of them. Nothing I can do but I left a message for Sen Ted Cruz office. Nothing changes but at least I can fsll asleep knowing I voiced my concern.

I have always had to fight the VA for medical care. Most Vets are lucky. Not me.


Good times @Se7en. System is already down. I tried 4
times. This is a special day as it already feels like 97 degrees at 9:09am. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

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Ahhh man! Makes no sense to me, the one good thing the uk got right was the NHS, we are so lucky we have that system a lot of people take it for granted. Are these the closest places you could go to get seen then? Is there nowhere else you could go?

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@Se7en Since its not considered a Emergency, I have to get prior approval to see outside doctors. From my research, they know Jack all about this disease. Its not as common as other like Diabetes. It also mainly hits women and guys is rare.

Trust me when I say this….I have it made in the shade to others but it still makes living pretty much Hell as anything can set it off.

My neighbor truck batteries is crap. I helped get the nuts off and I broke out pretty bad and I did was touch a rag sitting on the front fender.

And with the phone system down, I can not even try to get outside help. If I had something to smash, I would be out swinging my 25 kilo sledge hammer. Hell if I had wood I would be taking my frustration out on it.

Sad part is this. They have Categories for who takes priority. I am in Catergory 1 and this means I take priority over all Veterans not in Cat 1.

By the way my Grandma was from Newmarket. Which has a famous horse track there. She was a welder during WW II and built fighter aircraft. She met Grandpa during that time frame and he was American. He was a B-17 tail gunner. My oldest Aunt was born in England.

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Update…both are girls my Zkittles Glue. Super potent when pulling off leaves.


Looking good my brother. Hope everything with the VA got handled and u got taken care of it sir. God bless


@SilvaBack203 Sadly the VA is a joke. Can’t even call them as they have the phone system off 24/7 so I can’t
set up appointments. Already wrote Rep Michael Cloud and Sen Ted Cruz. Even though they passed a Law stating VA employees can be held accountable, no one enforces it.

Nothing I can do but keep fighting. I may get in 2 years from now. It took 1 year 3 months to see my Primary Care Doctor and he is awesome. Just the System is broke and it will never be fixed.

And thanks…they are already potent smelling. Today I need to address the tent so I can get my 3rd plant in its forever home.

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Really sorry man. Which VA exactly i can make few calls n c what my friends n i can do man. U know we veterans take care of each other

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@SilvaBack203 Houston VA Hospital. I don’t know if I can post anything like their phone number. Its the Michael E Debakey.

Do a search and call their number. You can then see they have the phone system off.

I have sent a email to Senator Ted Cruz and called several of his offices and hopefully hear back from Representative Michael Cloud this week. Having the phone number turned off isolates of Disabled Veterans not directly in Houston.

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Copy no problen at all sir. Ima try to use some of my connections. Im part of this group for veterans with ptsd thats been helping me for the last 8 years deal with stuff. They have people thats part of the VA ima see what they can do for you sir

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Well good luck with it. When you can’t call, nothing can be done. Did you try to call the Hospital? It makes a funny dial sound and then the call is cancelled. I have tried to call over 60 times in 3 days. I have called in the morning, noon, night and the wee hours in the morning. I even called on a Landline. No go.

I have fought the VA for 2 decades. A lot of a Veterans is getting screwed here. Ever since Covid, it’s when this Hospital went down hill. It was just getting on track finally. No more…its derailed.

Whats ironic my PC called me on Friday. So after the call I immediately called the Hospital. They cancelled the call.

@SilvaBack203 Don’t worry bro. I am done fighting the VA Hospital. I don’t have it in me anymore. This is what they want so they can have their way. After living 25 years in severe, debilitating pain since Oct 10h, 1996 I’m just done.

See if your doc can give a referral to Dr. Shahnaz Karim. She is in Houston, not far from the VA. She has done my wife well for pain. She’s actually on morphine now. She usually starts off with suboxone. If that don’t work she can move on to something else.

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@BobbyDigital If the VA Hospital had their phone system on, I would call for a outside Specialist. I have tried to call 80 times since Wednesday and it disconnects the call immediately. So its a No Go.

If you want, I will five you their phone number and then you can see what I mean.

I am just tired of fighting for Healthcare. Its taken a huge mental toll on me as I just don’t have it in me anymore. If after nearly 26 years nothing is being done, they won’t start now. The system is rigged with 137,378,737 miles of red tape.

Because I understand medcial and all that @ the Va they act like Im a drug addict àndwànt nacros for pain. Always saying you are in chronic pain cant help you. Tŕý.meditation BS i say


Yup…it’s the VA way. I was always being drug tested for 8 categories of drugs and even methanol and ethanol.

@Borderryan22 Here is my fun grow.