Here we go once again…Zkittles Glue post #1547 start. Sprouts

@Jimtroutbum If you scroll up and I mean up you will find all kinds of Roman pieces. :+1:

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@Jimtroutbum Here you go.

Ancient Roman Gladiator Helmet from 300 to 400 AD.

The above photo was a whole terracota Mycenaean cup that was 3500 years old till DHL and USPS shattered it in 1.257537384947368483 seconds. Yes I am pissed and they won’t correct it as they play the blame game.

The hair you see is from the inside of the clay and not on the outside. I will get some more inner photos of whats in the clay. Its really freaking cool under a Jeweler loupe.

How the box was delivered. Someone sat it in water and the bottom and side blew out. Plus you can smell and see white mold forming inside the box.


Where did you get this stuff? Its so friggin cool!

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I have people I buy from who is in the UK and Europe. And lots of patience searching and researching as well.


Where are you from brother? @Mrpeat

@Jimtroutbum From the USA and England. In 1066, my dad’s side is found in the Domesday Book. They helped conquer England. They even took in some Kings that was on the run.

Then they was awarded a Castle and its been in the family over 800 years. One family member was attached to Anne Boline. He was murdered and a few years later she lost her head.

Then Pop’s side split to here in the 1570’s and we have not looked back. The really interesting fact was Mom and Pop side both came over here on the same boat and didn’t cross till around 1970. It took 400 years for this to happen. Lots of family members in England to this day.

I’m literally 1/4 British as Mom’s mom was actually 100% British. Hell my oldest Aunt was born in England. Grandma was a welder during WW II and built many fighter planes. Grandpa was a B-17 Tail Gunner. All mom’s side.

We carry the family tradition of at least 1 male serves in the Military from each generation. Mostly Pop’s side. We have been doing this since long before 1066. I am the last surviving male from Pop’s side.

Pop’s side help build this country. I have at least 1600+ cousins and I can pretty much find a relative in any city and most decent size towns. Old line. Since I have to keep my identity safe guarded, as we are growing Marijuana, I would list some of the things. Even some surgical tools is named and invented by some family members.

Now you know the rest of the story. :+1::+1::+1: