Here we go once again…Zkittles Glue post #1547 start. Sprouts

I just dropped these at 12:21pm. This is going to be a serious grow journal. All posts must stay on topic as I will be doing a different kind of grow. Keeping track of the exact amount of nutrients and what not.

You can still go to my Toilet Bowl thread as anything can be discussed there. Even if you like licking used Granny panties. Any topic there doesn’t matter there. Here it does.

The Blueberry Kush is a Auto from Nirvana.

The Super Critical Bud CBD from Garden of Green.

The Purple Gorilla is from Short Stuff Seeds and a Auto.

Let the journey begin into a Super Monster Grow under my HLG 260xl rspec kits x 2.


Is that all CBD and no THC?

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CBD as I posted. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let’s keep them out the toilet and under 20’

I may have edited your title :rofl:



I’m ordering some super critical CBD (Garden of Green) today along with a few other beans.


All three seeds transferred to damp toilet paper at 8:42am. Currently next to the toilet. Yeah…I know. Checking the temp and humidity in the bathroom.

Temp: 70.5 degrees
RH: 54%


The little wannabe big girls already have tap roots. :flushed:

11:18am I checked on the seeds and I know the Super Critical Bud CBD has a tap root.


Seeds with tap roots successfully transferred. Now its the waiting game. Each had about 1/2” tap root.


The grow tent is averaging around 71 degrees during the day and 59% RH. Now at night the canopy is hitting around 85 degrees and I didn’t check to see the RH.

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Well my pH meter will be here today. Nothing fancy but will get the job done since I don’t use one. Already have a decent TDS meter. Then the fun will begin. I haven’t ordered any pH UP and pH DOWN just yet. That is the next step when I see what the pH of the water is.

Just for you @Myfriendis410. :joy::joy::joy:


At around 11:45am I spayed the surface of the grow bucket with filtered tap water.

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Purple Gorilla and Super Critical Bud CBD has officially broke surface. Let the fun begin. :+1:


Feb 26th…


So for the first photos. The Nirvana Blueberry Kush once again didn’t pop. Glad I have a ton of seeds because if I didn’t, I would be very unhappy.

And no, the soil isn’t soaked. I changed the light setting so it could bring out a little more details.

The first photo is Super Critical Bud CBD and the last photo is the Auto, Purple Gorilla.


Looks like a couple of pretty happy littles.


Yes they are. I’m happy the one Auto did pop. I tested my pH last night and it was sitting at 8.7 which is so messed up. I’m waiting for the pH UP and DOWN to show up next week.

Glad seedlings don’t need much water. :+1:


Well I have officially given up on the Nirvana Auto Blueberry Kush. This is my 2nd time trying to grow this strain. Oh well…now I have to debate which Auto I will use in its place.

Well I got my GH pH Up and Down today. So here is ole Peat jumping on the pH Bandwagon. :+1:

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Somebody decided to make an appearance tonight. Blueberry Kush Auto broke ground today. :+1:

First photo is Purple Gorilla Auto.
Second is Super Critical Bud CBD.
Last is Blueberry Kush Auto.


Our SC CBD ladies will be 16 days apart. Let the fun begin!

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