Here we go It’s a start but we are a long way out


The Professional Parasites in Washington D.C. that kept Cannabis illegal for the last 50 years(the last putrid legacy of disgraced sick dick nixon) are now scrambling to reverse their actions.
ALL the big Congress people are finally realizing: there are a LOT OF AMERICANS WHO USE CANNABIS and WE HAVE ALL SEEN THE NET RESULTS OF 50+ Years of oppression, intimidation, incarceration, and law enforcement/judicial abuse.
Private prisons kept full by the people who own the prison stock. Judges, Law Enforcement and Legislators. Decent American Citizens turned into convicted felons. Ruined careers. Divorces. President Reagan issued a blanket policy that turned Police into bounty hunters…each bust gives the arresting department 80% of the value of: cannabis, cars, trucks, homes, bank accounts, retirement, property and of course…cash. They stop cars for bullshit reasons, then search for drugs and money. Even if no drugs are found, they will steal any cash over a couple of hundred dollars. Sidel Louisiana ONLY source of income is parking on the only road between Houston and New Orleans and pulling people over 24/7. Got cash on you? They will steal it.

In the last few months, Sen. Mitch Mcconnell, Sen. Schumer(Amy’s Uncle), Sen. Feinstein…have ALL suddenly decided that Cannabis legalization is good for America.
Sen. Feinstein…83 yrs old…has NOT been endorsed by the California Democratic Party for yet another term. She will lose the election.

A NEW SURGE OF AMERICANS who WILL VOTE…will change the face of America and the disgusting putrid laws that have ruined so very many American lives.

VOTE…VOTE for people who listen and care about the AMERICAN WORKING TAXPAYER CITIZEN !!!

It’s the only way things will change.


The people are sick and tired. It’s going to come down to votes and I bet a lot of politions will run on making it legal

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@Painfree its a start but a long fight is still ahead
I dont feel the federal Government will turn around until most of the states do there jobs and make it legal on a local level as many have done or are in the process of doing the tides have turned but its still a uphill battle
And imho the the politicians especially the career one like shummer are only interested in pushing this issue now because it suits them politically
Where have tney been the last 20 or 30 year or longer lol
Fyi Schumer is a ass
Have a great day folks