Here we go! first grow with coco and ph perfect nutrients


I live in Las Vegas, but I don’t do conventions. The dispensary is pushing it :worried:


We’re going just to hang out with each other.


I’d be willing to bet more than one of us will post an extremely conspicuous picture the weekend of the 9th.


We’re going to have to do a roll call and figure out what is a good venue to meet up. I’ll tag some folks on the other side.


I may still be around lol


@screwauger with your method when do you start counting weeks of flower? After the stretch and you start pushing flower nutes


I’ve been using the point before I start the bloom nutes like midway between when I first see pistils in earnest and when I switch to bloom. Usually about week 5 or day 35. I’m not real scientific about it.

My last two blueberry auto’s inside finished in the total day count of 85-95 days regardless of the late switch to bloom nutes.


Yea i havent been that accurate with info just picked the 10th as start of week one. I still have tons of white pistols and its start of week 5 so everything looks like i started at right point was just curious when you start. It was probably 50 days from seed before i pushed any flowdr nutes
Im at day 65 from seed


Outside of cleaning up the bottom 2 ft of these 2 plants i have been completly hands off and we still have a good 20 to 30 days im doing these by the book and being very patient even having to buy from a trusted friend. A good final flush the last week and im planning on shaving the bark to see if that does anything on one of these. The other will probably get the stem drilled. Im not sure i may just let her finish on her own with nothing and see how she fairs my rh is 40 so were good there and plenty of air movement.

Man these just did their thing


And this thing is super frosty pics dont do it justice. She actually has a shine to her in the light. Shes my lil diamond


Looking really good buddy!


Got email and 20 gelato and 5 gold leaf seeds comming


Looking good friend, i just finished up my advanced nutrients and things went well until I fried the girls being away for a weekend during heat wave. I wanted you to look into what I did. Emerald harvest nutrient line was created by people that left advanced nutrients. You don’t get the ph perfect but that didn’t bother me too much. What was the big seller was the feeding chart for emerald harvest is way less and you don’t run out of nutes so fast. Saves da $$$$$. Check it out, my grow looks good until ill f it up somehow.


Do you have a journal i would love to check it out. Yea im thinking about switching nute lines my only prob is time. Granted i loose 1 of every 5 flowering plants due to some kind of lock out or toxicity. And in flower i use like 8 different additives that gets cumbersome. I will look into that nute line although im sure i have looked at them already but not veryclose


I’d never heard of it. Yea sounds like u and me can share the same fails. Regarding over watering which is my downfall. I’d been using smart pots, which I don’t like, but if u do use them. Bottom feed, the pots will soak up the water they need and no more water logs. Me, im just tossing the smart pots for the airation plastic ones. I’ll tag u on my journal.


Yup, I’d never spend money on advanced nutrients.


Yea well i do!!! Lmao ph perfect+ me+ my lazyness= Advanced Nutrients lmao. I really nedd to step away from them but i like the whole not needing to flush and ph and its so easy


I will agree the ph perfect did work. I just had to buy a new bottle of almost one grow. Paid almost the same for gallon bottles of the emerald harvest and botanicare line. I’m no ph master but it don’t take much to read the ph meter and ph up or down.


Your right not to hard just a step id rather not have to take if i dont absolutly have to


I dont have to buy every grow either that would depend on how many plants you grow but i can get around 8 to 10 plants to harvest on one bottle