Here we go! first grow with coco and ph perfect nutrients


Just got my qb in the mail yesterday, hooked everything up, works great. Now the problem I am having is you remember those wwa that had a rough start. Well one of those are now at 4 ft. Looking like I’m going to have to pull the auto out of my box and open grow it under my new qb


Could be worse, congrats on the new light.


Oh yea after that last auto I’m welcoming this beast with open arms. Plus it will let me run both lights in a empty box to dial in temps for a couple days


Hey @dbrn32 @Countryboyjvd1971 @BIGE @Myfriendis410 @LF-the-OG @Hogmaster quick question… I may be switching to 3rd shift in a couple weeks, now my current schedule my lights come on at 10pm but if I go to 3rd shift then I will need to tweak my times so I can tend to plants before work. NOW would it be best to force darkness 2 hrs earlier so I can change my time on to 8 pm or shold I not bother with it on this grow and change it next grow or do you think as long as I don’t short them on darkness I could change my times with little to no issues


If you’re going to do that, I would just make adjustment during dark cycle. Shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Maybe if it’s a big concern you can adjust one hour for a few days and then adjust another hour.


Definitely extend dark cycle not light cycle
They won’t even notice a few extra hours of dark


Once you know for sure that your times are changing you have two options.

  1. Slowly adjust the times by 15 mins each day. So on 15 mins earlier and off 15 mins earlier this will take eight days to adjust the times to be 2 hours earlier but will not shock the plants.

  2. Add a grow room green light so you can see inside the room to work but it will not disrupt the current light cycles.


I can’t open my box during dark cycles, as I open veg in my grow room and have ac dehum. And the rooms only about 95% dark so that’s not an option, however I can tend to them early morn before lights out for a couple weeKS while adjusting times and water at lunch so their not getting fed just a couple hrs before lights our (always heard best to feed first thing about an hr after lights on) but ultimately I would like to go 8pm to 8 am with lights on thanks for advice


Thanks for all the advice I will be discussing going to 3rds with my wifey as she don’t like to sleep in bed alone. So nothings set in stone but we will definatly post how I’m going to do it if it happens.


Like John and Rob said: just make your changes during the dark cycle and all will be good.


Yea I don’t mess with the timers that’s the wife’s job lol but if it happens I’m looking at letting the lights come on at 10 then program them to go off at 8am giving the plants 1 10 hr day of light and back on 12/12 I don’t think this will be much different to a plant outdoors having a dark gloomy morn


Oh I just realized today is the start of week 4 completely off of opiates and I feel better and the cravings are now pretty manageable.


Congratulations, being on opiates myself for the cancer, I can’t imagine trying to get off of them.


No I would say you need them way more than I did. Actually 95% of my neck and back pain went away (not trying to compair to you) just crazy how your body fakes your brain out to take more.


But how are you dealing brother @MAXHeadRoom


It was real hard at first considering my neighbor get 360 roxy a month and hr let me get them for only 2$ so I got bad again have been using them or should I say been addicted to them for 20 years


I will be on them the rest of my life. At this point in my disease it is truly necessary.


One day at a time. What ever strength God gives me for this day.


Here are the 2 autos wwa that are 4 ft now


2 monster clones black berry kush