Here we go! first grow with coco and ph perfect nutrients


I just had 2 wwa pop above the plug today while i was at work and the hiwaiian is pushing the peice of plug I tore off and covered her with


@Butters here you go have a look around ask questions if you got em


@Hogmaster this is that plant wwa ilgm I asked you about we are week 6 and still have string buds no structure
Any thoughts


Looks like it’s still packing on weight looks like it still has time did you look at trics in scope


Yea there clear and cloudy, no pistols are changing so I’m just going to let it go and see what it does


@Hogmaster thats the problem it is not packing on weight all the pistols are white it’s not consuming itself. It is like it started flowering and just stopped and got stuck


In all their glory


That’s 1 blue dream, 1 berry white, 1 purple rose, 1 Hawaiian delight, 2 white widow autos, and 3 monster crop clones from ilgm blackberry Kush.
The seedlings with domes are ilgm White widow autos and the Hawaiian delight


These two are just taking off


How you feeling @MAXHeadRoom


Today I woke up extremely tired, but my car door project had to get done. I prayed for God to give me strength and wisdom to finish the job. I finally got the window back on the track and secured the window to the broken clips. Its not falling off again thats for sure. I thanked God for giving me the energy and how everything went back together so smoothly and everything lined up perfectly. It is very rare that a car goes back together so effortlessly. He was really there for me. @Sirsmokes

Still need to water plants today too.


Glad everything went smoothly brother. Man wish I could help you out bro I’d be there in a heart beat