Here we go! first grow with coco and ph perfect nutrients


Say hello to 4 monster clones!!! I checked 3 of them tonight and they were rooted. This is pretty surprising because I was cleaning up the bottom of my single blackberry Kush clone and had 4 lower sicker shoots I cut them off and set them to the side and decided to try to clone them about 15 min later so I put them into water, fluffed some coco and cloned them. The mom was end of week 4 and they were rather woody but they took


So I had a buddy go to Texas for a visit. This morning he called me over and gave me a purple rose female seed!!! I couldn’t find any info on it and then found black rose and I believe that’s what I have but I’m super excited to grow her and a berry white


I may not be able to grow mj outside but I can’t wate if I can grow monster plants… this cherry tomato plant is over 6ft yall and 8 ft wide we stretched and measured today because she’s so massive


And I dI’d do a plot of plants out back that hides 2 clones I put out I’m just hoping that the other plants don’t die out as now that it’s outside I’m not bringing it back in that’s only asking for trouble


I’m around here and there…been real busy with work this is my busy time…got a grow going in the flower room at 6 weeks when finished the plants will be about a yr old …they started as clones stayed at 1st station for 2-3 months then the next station 2-3 months then the next station 2-3 months then into flower till finished…they got bark lol the flowers are looking great! will try and get some pics up soon…got 2 more grows in the veg room and need to start another but haven’t yet because I’ve been so busy…going to drop some GDP ,Bruce banner, Skywalker,and white rhino…2 each soon just need the time lol…looks like you got things going great keep up the good work! @Sirsmokes


Right on @WillyJ glad things are going good. I hadn’t seen you in a while so just thought I’d say hi


That’s badass. Glad to hear you’re doing alright :+1:


I was just thinking about you, dude. Glad all is well.


Seen another specialist this morning
Got another mri scheduled but this one seems to think it’s more nerve related like fibro myalgia but at this point were going on years and Noone knows what’s going on


@dbrn32 are you around today?


@dbrn32 can you check out this quantum boaRd and tell me what you think compaired to the hlg. They use the same led diodes so I’m guessing question would be driver effency


I’m not sure if it worked but it’s a quantum boaRd grow light by quantum LEDs it’s the 285w model 4000 color


This one?

Quantum LEDs 260 Watt Quantum LED Light 304 Board Kit (2700k,4000k,5000k) - White Light Grow Lamp for Horticulture


Yes this one


@Bogleg yes I’m wanting to upgrade to quantum boards just wondering if these hold up to hlg


Thinking either this with a hlg 100 3000 color or 2 hlg 100 3000 and convert a couple cheap Chinese lights I have into cobs


@Aolelon would probably know better than I, he’s spent a lot of time chasing down the specs of the different boards. It seems a lot of the knock off boards don’t use the diodes they claim. I can tell you this, I’m sure those boards aren’t 320 lumens per watt as advertised.

They’ll probably grow decent weed, but not sure you’ll be getting most for your money. Hlg had discount on version 1 boards and heatsinks. If they still have them, you can probably get the two boards, heatsinks, and driver for around $200. You could frame and get them wired for probably another $60. So you’d have an authentic product and be cheaper going that route. Otherwise for a little over $300 you could do the same with the newer version 2 boards. Up to you, but that’s probably the route I would go.


I was thinking about a build but im thinking more of a plug and play for convince I’m trying to work within a budget but get it asap


The light that’s linked above sounds like it still needs to be wired. Screwing boards to sinks literally takes about 2-3 minutes per board. To do exactly as pictured, looks like 2 pieces of aluminum angle with a couple holes drilled in them.

I’d be willing to bet I could start from scratch and do that all in less than an hour. Just in terms of amount of labor that’s required. Someone not as familiar and taking their time, I’d guess could knock it out in an afternoon without any major distractions. Totally up to you though. I’m just trying to tell you it’s not that big of a deal, and an opportunity to save a little cash on a top notch proven product.


Hey if I was to order a hlg 324qb kit should I get 90 degree optics or are optics not needed? @dbrn32