Here we go again

So I’m starting a grow again
After moving house
so small this time just 2 plants but aim for bigger yield as I can grow them for as long as I want not on any deadlines this time

This one is ammo I was told it’s an auto but I’ll run 24 hr light for a few weeks see if it is

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Do it. I look forward to seeing ur grow. Keep us updated! Remember to take pics in white light pls. Its easier to see :+1:

Yeh no worry’s I will so wife’s not happy but she won’t go we’re the grow is so ideal :laughing:


Little more info for use

Using a grow tent I bought off a friend of mine
I have 2 led lights one 600w and one 300 w
I’m using potting soil with fish bone and blood meal layer about 3 inch lower than the top of soil extra feed when it gets there vermiculite to cover top
Temp is curntly at 18oc as it’s -1 out side so I’m going to insulate the top of tent to keep a little more heat in :v:
Using rain water that I ph and check ec

I’m trying to get a bigger yield with less plants as 6 in that tent is to tight so by doing two at a time and starting one every time one goes in to flower to keep it productive

Although I do have 3 green crack seeds that I’m eager to plant maybe the green house

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The secret weapon when it needs it

100% co2

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well she’s poped :+1::laughing:

Day 3 from sprouting they grow so fast :blush:

And lowered the light a bit more today 10" above now

As far a nutes go don’t know if I should go organic or shop bought stuff

What are my options
Any help appreciated cheers

Quick updates
Both plants doing well
Did a little 1/4 strength feed today

Today’s update

Today’s so one has rooted very well

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Today’s pics

Room temp 25oc
Still on 1/4 strength feed
Humidity 68%
Lights 600w+300w led
Light on 24/0

looks like it’s exploding in to growth now

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Them worms in the soil are meal worm adding slow nutrients

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So don’t know if I should top them or not there at node 5 so one more befor I need to decide but with autos can I top them and how many times by rule of thumb can I ?

Today’s pics



You can top autos, but some growers feel it slows the auto down and may affect yield. Its seems more complicated than that to me. If u wanna top it go ahead. But if you just let her grow with some LST you get a better idea of how she wants to grow and after multiple grows with the same strain you’ll get a better idea of the growth habit of the strain and you’ll be able to judge for yourself if topping helps… I hope that helps


I was wondering weather stress would kill em off

It’s the last of them seeds I have but I have greencrack sour Diesel auto And some unknown ones

It’s green crack next time so I have chrones and I’m look for the perfect strain for my pain relief

The medication the docs try give me is poison :skull_and_crossbones: makes me feel worse

So fixing my self :blush::v:


Good luck. Ask lots of questions and read a lot. This forum is full of high quality info