Here we go again...6 Autos...test my knowledge as I have no clue where each one was planted

So here is an update.

I checked the PPM and my meter didn’t read correctly so that will be addressed. As for the rest of the stats.

pH 7.9 and lowered to 6.5 pH
Temp of water was 70.2 degrees

They got their first drink of nutrients just now. FF Big Bloom due to the soil is completely drained of all nutrients. So transplant day. After I clean the inside a little. :+1:

I just redid the TDS and used a cheap pH meter. :joy::joy::joy:

291 ppm and add nutrient went to 432 ppm.

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Humidity is to low in my opinion.
I run 70%rh and 81f daytime hydro . Actually its 81f-82f and always at 70rh.

Its actually not a concern for me. Pulling near 1 lb off 1 plant and expecting maybe another 1.5 lbs is never a concern for me. Right now I am starting my seedlings as I have always have and my average plant size now is approaching 7.5 feet tall.

And they are just starting out.

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Sounds great. Wish I had room for monster plants.
Just small ones for me. But I only grow for hobby and give away flower to family and a neighbor who needs for medical.

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It is a challenge growing monsters. Definitely was a fun learning curve. :joy:

Its pretty humid today @BetrayedSoul and I still don’t need to use a lot of water just yet. :+1:


My gift came in today.

Don’t mind my 200 lb smoker. :heart_eyes:


I added Boomerang to the feeding and ugh, it smells pretty foul. Its pretty dark in color. So I checked my PPM ratio and it was sitting at 487 so within the range for this week.

I ordered Kelp me kelp you and Wholly Mackeral which will probably smell even worse. I left the dang pH meter on so the batteries are dead. :pensive:

I put a little Urb in my feeding yesterday. Ugh… That stuff smells like a seasoned latrine.

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Ok so I want to stay away from it.

I broke my Apera meter so I ordered a new one this morning so no pH checks till then. Dropped it with my clumsy hands.

I am picking random times to check the temp and RH each day. Because it changes 20% or more due to how humid it is outside or not.

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I do have to do 3 transplants today and I will wait till the lights go on at 7pm. Brand new FFOF soil in 15 gallon fabric pots. Go Team Peat. :+1:


My new Apera pH20 meter came in today. Back to checking pH once again. This time I need to not drop it.

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@Bobbydigital So here is the breakdown.

Started with a pH of 7.9
I had to use 61 drops to get it down to 6.4 pH.

This meter had some water drops in the clear plastic cap. Going to redo this tomorrow and see if it repeats the same number. UGH!!!

And I do think the first meter had problems. The first one was dry in the same clear plastic cup.

Pretty easy to check the accuracy of it. If you’re getting 4 in the 4 solution and 7 in the 7 solution then it’s on point. Also, if yours didn’t come with storage solution (mine didn’t), add 4.0 solution to the fill line of the cap and store it in that.

Yeah it didn’t as well. Gonna check Youtube videos tomorrow and see if that will help. I’m at a loss.

I know my blulab meter had to be in storage solution for 24hrs before I calibrated it.
And it has to have storage solution in cap to keep it moist or I have to recalibrate.

So we have have out first confirmed death to today.

So we have an update.

The plant in the back is called Super Critical Bud CBD. :+1: