Here to answer your bong, pipe, and vape cleaning questions!

Hey Y’all

I’m a pretty novice grower, having only done one harvest so far but eager to learn from the experts on this forum.

I own a bong cleaning service in Toronto that I started in 2020 after losing my job running a cannabis lounge due to the pandemic.

I write a lot about cleaning tips, product reviews, and more. Would love to share any tips I’ve learned from cleaning 10,000 pieces over the past three years.

I know bong cleaning isn’t complicated but I’m always happy to help with specific questions around difficult percs, weird stains, and anything else cleaning-related <3

Much Love!

-Anthony @ Clean Piece


Sweet! I just spent like 30+ minutes cleaning hubby’s bong that he almost never cleans. It took forever!


My first reply <3 Thanks!

I’d be happy to consult you on how to start charging your man lol

Maybe look into some soaking agents like Resolution Gel. you can soak it overnight and it’s even reusable.


Someone mentioned Acetone to me. Told me that it works really well. I haven’t tried it yet. I just use rubbing alcohol and rock salt.

Please enlighten me if you have a better method?

I use 91% Isopropyl and sea salt and a few rice grains

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stick with ISO. Both are good solvents and acetone works in a pinch but nothing works better than >90% ISO alcohol. I even wrote a piece comparing 70% and 90% alcohol you may be interested in!

thanks for contributing, I’m sure others have wondered this


I also use the 91% ISO. No doubt that it softens the resin quicker. Thanks for your help.


Nice article! I’m wondering now if I should use a lower grade alcohol on my mushroom grows. Do you think it stands the same for germs as it would for spores and bacteria?


91 iso and coarse salt seems to do the trick. But…. I literally have a pickle jar of bowls and one hitters soaking at all times (I had a friend who would buy them and throw them away when they got dirty) I think I saved 5 or 6 fairly nice glass pieces from the garbage man :joy: for my everyday one hitter a good ol pipe cleaner every few days seems to keep it out of the iso. Great idea with the cleaning service!

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I learned something useful during the pandemic. 75% alcohol based wipes are excellent for cleaning the bong. I started by trying hand sanitizer and that worked too but not as good. I wrap a sheet around a bottle brush and in one swipe it’s cleaner than a whistle. Whistles are full of germs.