Here’s my setup :)

I’m thinking I’m going with this one I think that would veg and bloom a three by three pretty well what do you guys think

3x3 tent = 9sqft
150 watts ÷ 9 = 16.6 watts per sqft. I think you’ll be disappointed in the long run. I use mine for veg only now that I’ve upgraded. I do wish I went straight to a great light from the start, I could use that $ in other equipment areas… Ha ha.


Okay send me a link or picture of the one that you would get if you had my tent and stuff thanks man

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Sort of the standard recommendation around here for your tent size. HLG is the most recommended light around here. This one would give you about 28 watts per sqft of high quality to fully flower that 3x3.

Search the threads about lights. You’ll be surprised to read what others experiences with upgrading lights multiple times trying to save money. Now they have piles of lights they won’t ever use again.

It’s not cheap. But it’s worth it.


Ok what’s that website ?

I like the Mars hydro TSW 2000 and it’s less than three hundred that would definitely work right?

What kind of weight are you hoping to harvest out of your 3x3? All of these lights are going to grow some weed. If you have large aspirations, the amount of money you’re going to want to spend on a light is going to have a large price tag. If you are dabbling your feet in the hobby of growing your own and don’t really care about what you harvest, run a grow with the light you have and you will see what the other members are referring too. We have several members pulling pound plus dry out of 3x3. While their experience is probably biggest factor, I don’t think any of them bargain shopped their lights on Amazon.

You certainly don’t need to pawn your first born to grow good weed. But there is a level of keeping your expectations within your budget too. If there was a $150 light that we were all confident would do an excellent job, I promise we would tell you. But we also don’t want to get behind mediocre equipment now and have to explain later why you have what you have. If you like the mars light, it is surely capable of putting buds in a jar. I also suspect you will probably want to upgrade after couple of grows if not sooner.


Thank you and honestly I’m not really worried about how much I harvest but if my friends would watch some would it be good enough for them to buy some? If not I think I’m going to go with the Mars but definitely going to finish this run out with this light and see what you guys mean . In your opinion would that Mars tfw 2000 be good enough for just personal use buds ? Sorry for all the questions just trying to have a decent bud and a good amount

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I guess it’s heavily dependent on what your friends will buy. With light you have your buds will most likely be light and airy. If grown and harvested properly should still get you high, but there won’t be a lot weight to sell.

I would think of tsw2000 somewhere in the middle of what you have and best you can do. If you asked me about absolute biggest baddest led light you could get into your space, right now that’s about $800. If was to recommend a light that was more budget friendly but I would still stake my reputation on, I would say you’re going to be about $400. Much less than that and you are just not paying for as high of level performance, in my opinion.


taking names and kicking AAAAAaa?


@Nate1988, i have that exact light (Mars Ts 1000). i now refer to it as my second poor light purchase. (my first one was a 60watt blurple).

since i now have 2 tents i will try that light in my veg tent. i am hoping it will handle that task in a 3x3 with 4 plants.

Currently i have it as a supplemental light in my Flower tent that is just finishing up.
i upgraded to a TS 3000 and it seems better (notice i am not RAVING about it),

that said, with the TS 3000, 2 plants in a 3x3 appears to be giving me my best yield to date.

Since, from your pics, it appears you are still very early in your grow, i would suggest that you save the cash you were thinking about spending on the TS 1000 and save for a few more months and pop for something that you wont be wanting to replace on your next grow.

That said, we can grow weed, but cant grow cash. and THAT is how i ended up with 3 lights. :wink:


Yeah I’m going to save money for another light here soon , I’m pretty sure even if they are light and airy they will still get you high lol but lesson learned for the next run I guess I’m going to learn a few things this run and get all the right things next run . Right or wrong it would still get you high everyone has got me nervous now lmao


So I’m going to do this save up four hundred and see what options are out there that will get me hard dense buds I just don’t understand the watts and stuff that’s why I asked for someone to say if that had my tent what would they put in there as far as light with a budget if 400 and I’ll go with it you guys know better than me that’s what I was getting at


Asking questions and reading here will go a long way! I’m glad you’ve made the decision to save up. I honestly think you’ll be really glad you did.


Yeah with 400 what would you buy to fully flower and veg the 3 by 3 cause I’m so up in the air on what to get , like if you had the money what would be the light you would get ?

I’d give my budget to @dbrn32 and wait for his opinion. :rofl:


um YUP.


Okay so @dbrn32 you have 400 dollars and a three by three tent what’s the light your getting to have a successful grow. I really appreciate all the help and people are really friendly I love it better than Facebook :joy:


Now you’re getting the hang of it :metal:


Watts aren’t necessarily important. When hps was basically the only light used it became basic rule of thumb to run 50 watts per square foot. Even that was flawed because the de fixtures are more efficiently than traditional bulbs, and even with single ended bulbs the 600’s typically better than 1000, and they both significantly better 400 and smaller. Same stuff applies to leds. Saying you grow with leds is pretty similar to saying you drive a car. You have the Ford pinto of leds, which aren’t really any better than fluorescent. Then you have like mid size sedan, the type that are appealing because of big claims and modest price, this is typical light for sale on Amazon. Then you will have what I would consider like the domestic sports car line. These are companies riding on coattails of industry leaders. They see what the big dogs are doing then find a way to copy with slightly lower performance components at lower price. Some of these available on Amazon too, but a lot of alibaba and dealer direct stuff. Then you will have like your super high performance stuff, using cutting edge led tech that is even beyond what NASA uses in the international space station. These companies produce fixture that are just flat out better at turning power into light. And they send their products off to independent light testing facilities and produce reports for everyone to see. It’s easy to make big claims on the internet, but very few of horticulture lighting companies provide these test reports. If you want to make sure you’re getting a good fixture, buy one that this data is available.

$400 will get you hlg-300 in r-spec. Great light that is capable of taking you from seed to harvest. If you look around online there is usually some active discount codes to order from horticulture lighting group direct. You would have to build yourself or spend significantly more to get a better light.