Here’s a question for you horticulturists

Loo it does :rofl::neutral_face::shushing_face:

Cut those balls off…Kill it…Good job!!
Not to rub salt in an open scrotum (ouch!!) :hot_face: But did you not get your beans from ILGM or wherever and get feminized? Invest in them…They will save you a lot of guessing and heartache…

@AL_GREEN seeds came from someplace else. I’m an ILGM guy now. These were “free” seeds when I purchased some seeds. I think “free seeds” might be a way some get rid of what they don’t know what they have? Sucks but 2 are still standing and so far look like girls.

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OMG. Is this ALSO a dude?

Wow yeah

Well. 4 down 1 to go. SH*T!

These are heartbreaking
Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that last one is a she, and against the odds, not pollenated