Here’s a pic thanks again

Just wanted to thank everyone that has helped me get almost through my first grow!! I have 3 white widow autos pictured here the front one is starting to be flushed tomorrow. The back two still have all white hairs a ways to go. Only thing I’m still tossed up on is defoliating Autos yes or no? I have decided to try it on the three pictured here somewhat, they respond good to it and the growth I cut off comes right back. Any suggestions please let me know!!today was day 104 from when seed sprouted

8x4’ tent

3- white widow autoflowers

RDWC system 4 five gallon grow bkts

5 gallon reservoir

1/10 hp water chiller




950 gph air pump

2”x4” air stone in each bucket

12” oscillating fan

2-400w hipargero COBs

2-HLG Quantum 288 boards

6” 400 cfm exhaust fan and filter

General hydroponics maxi series

Water spill sensor

WiFi digital temp/rh probe

Ph level 5.8

PPM 1072

Water temp 64.3

Air temp 78.9

RH 49.9


Beautiful man, my wwa gets huge too but I top and lst mine


Buds are looking quality!

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Beautiful plant that should have a nice yield good luck finishing up.

That plants a monster! Good luck, post the final bud weight. Wet and dry i would love to know what you yield from it

Oh damn, that’s nearly unbelievable!

Wet both plants 10.4 lbs
Dry and trimmed 2.3 lbs


How many days did it end up flowering?

@hornhead looking back at my log it looks like about 60 days. I have another all from the same batch going just as long and 2 that started flowering very early

That’s 60 from pistols correct? I’ve grown many of those wwa and every time I’ve had something happen where I had to harvest early. The one in tent now is right at 60 days flowering. Just trying to time my flush right

First pic is March 5 first signs and second pic is May 6 right before harvest @hornhead

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Second picture looks as if it still had a lot of white pistols. Is that from the foxtails?

@hornhead mostly foxtails

I had 25 wwa seeds and damn near everyone foxtail