Here it is. My growroom :D

Thanks to everyone for all your help the past week. YOU helped make this happen. Seriously, applause is deserved :clap: :clap: :clap:


My main issue is that the Lights give off a bit of heat making the temp between 82 degrees (89 during daypeak) so I will put a bigger fan in soon and rotate my 18/6 schedule so my 6 off will be afternoon since the heat index outside is creeping to 90+. Humidity maintains around 40-50% so far so I may invest in a small humidifier if I can’t get that down a little. Once my seedling is 2 weeks or so I will move her in here. Here’s where she’s at now at 4 days in the DIY closet with a weaker, 85 watt led light. :


Your look’n good there my friend…tag me and i’ll follow your grow


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Thanks man. I appreciate that! @garrigan62