Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)




@Blasting that stinks
No Amazon up north of the boarder ?
Woohoo on the new tent buddy


There is an, but they do not offer the same products and I cant order on amazon


Got you
Check ebay then they may have them also i sont shop on it tho myself


Today was LST day for 3 of my big soul kiss ! Small soul kiss and green poison were hungry so I fed them! Its getting cold so I am able to manage temperature better, will need an a/c for sure next summer! Heres are pictures from this morning :slight_smile:

Sorry quality is bad my cellphone lens is all scratched. Of to roll one have a great day ILGM :smiley:


Looking good @Blasting


Thanks man ! they recovered good from their LST this morning! I watered one of my green poison, runoff were at 1800 out and 800 IN. is 1800 out too much?



A little garden view from this sunday:) cant wait for my 3x3 to get here to start flowering my soul kiss! Since they are regular i rather get small yield of them then veg male for so long and waste time/space. I started two mazar from dutch passion in glass shots this morning in case my soul kiss goes bad! Have a great sunday night guys!


awesome looking grow @Blasting


Thanks :smiley: can’t wait to see one of them flowering :smiley:


@daz49 Here’s my grow man :slight_smile:


You can get the 6.86 in powder packets you add to 250ml of distiled water I got them but just ordered a 7.0 solution so u don’t have to mix anything


Thanks @Blasting your a long ways off the stem splitting but you are at start of your first exciting journey, all I can say is patients is the secret to it all, if you are one of these that counts the days ,well it ain’t written down anywhere but when you turn to 12/12, you don’t count the first 2 weeks, have fun my friend


@Sirsmokes thanks for the info! I purchased some of the 7.0 solution and storage solution so everything is all good now!


I must have Christmas on the brain already because your pictures from above look like poinsettias. They look super healthy @Blasting


Hahaha they are really weed tho :smiley: Little update from my girl while im upnorth freezing and walking in two feets of snow :o My girl is doing it right after a little teaching :smiley: 39x39 tent has made it home cant wait to go back and set it up!

Heres a little pic :slight_smile:


Out of like for a bit! @Blasting They do look really good. Stay warm and dry!


Looking really nice @Blasting :green_heart: :seedling:


Hello everyone! A little update after two busy weeks! 39x39 tent is mounted and set on 12/12. 3 soul kiss are on there and one of them is already showing pistil so we have a female! Small soul kiss already showed signs of preflower and has one pistil coming out, didnt know that could happen in veg! Light are coming on are 11h15 for flower tent so here are pictures from my 2x4 tent :smiley: two small plant to the right are my green poison, one in the middle is the soul kiss, two seedlings are mazar from dutch passion and the big baby is crystal candy from sweet seeds. Green poison and crystal candy were born same day, you can see that the CC is stronger and faster to grow! LST’d everyone and also topped everyone again in the 2x4 tent. Here are some pictures !

I removed some leaves that were hiding potential tops and CC loved it! I can already count 20+ tops and I tied her down 2 days ago! One more week and she will be ready for flowering!