Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


wouldnt I need PH up since nutes mix is reading at 5?


@Blasting is that after youve mixed them in the water? If so then yes you need PH up


Alright, ill go back to the hydro store with my buffers so verify with him theyre good and ill just grab PH up for nute mix and PH down for straight water. thanks for helping man!


@Blasting you want to mix your nutes in the water, then test the ph of that mix. You wouldn’t need to test each individually


I was thinking 3 feeding to one feeding of straight water, so my guess is I need to bring my straight water back to 6.5 too so I would need pH down also for my 8.3 water


@Blasting exactly! I may have been mistaken by what you were saying. I thought you were going to ph your nutes then ph your water. Usually nutes bring ph down, which you said yours brought yor water to 5.0?


According to my meter, yeah. So it could still be wrong loll


Yeah @Blasting go with the 7 cal solution 6.8 makes no sense imo
The girls look healthy so keep doing what your doing brother


If i calibrate is using the 7PH it hen read my PH4 buffer wrong lol xD Ill just keep going for now until I get that fixed somehow, or until I buy a new one. Until now my girls are happy so I am too.

Thanks man :slight_smile:


Morning yall! I changed my mind on friday and topped everyone, decided to go for a scrog once my flowering tent gets here! Two girls were fed this morning, runoff were at 6.5 (not sure if that actually right) and 1800PPM, and 2000 PPM for my other girl. Soil PH seems to be ok, PPM seems a bit high.


I was wondering what is everyone using for veg light? Ill be using my 2x4 tent for veg and a 3x4 tent or 4x4 tent for flowering, my mars 700 and my two mars 300 will go into flower tent. Cant seems to find a t5 fixture that would fit my 2x4 tent.

Also, about watering… How many runoff should there be? and do you let your girl sit in the runoff of the feeding? Thanks :slight_smile:


Bad news! There are little flies going around the soil… figured they are fungus gnats. Just read Robert guide on it and will let my soil dry alot-lot before starting my normal schedule again!


Hello people of ILGM! Back from the north again! Oh the surprise everytime! My girls are looking real good! Growth from topping is insane some girls put out 4 tops (Im thinking maybe because I fimmed them prior to topping) anyways, pictures incoming :smiley:

Im thinking Im gonna have to order my 39x39 tent soon! This will be jam packed soon enough! I also LST’D one of my green poison, will be doing the same with taller plant when I figure best thing to use. Will need to look into that!


I run my tents
One has 650 true watts
The second has 800 true watts
I use my lights for the the full grow start to finish
I actually dont have a. Veg / flower dedicated tents
I start and finish in same tent :+1:


What kind of leds are you using again? Im liking these mars hydro but big panels are expensive loll!


I am also considering starting and finishing in same tent… would be able to grow auto’s in between my photos


I use galaxy hydro and Roleadro lights
I have total of 9
Two 400w cobs actual deaw about 197
I have 4 300 watts the draw 147 wa
And two others that draw 250 actual watts
The Roleadro line has 5 watt leds rated fir 300 w
Fir around 67$ Each led is full spectrum as well
Just search them on Amazon


How are you liking the cobs VS the panels?


I like the cobs better they so run a bit hotter and ate a little more $ tho @Blasting
Check Out the link below in @bob31post


Since I cant get them in canada Mars Hydro are best priced. :frowning:

By the way, just ordered my 39x39x70 tent :smiley: