Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


thanks alot! doing my best to give them the best :slight_smile: bought this PH meter on ebay… bought PH 4 PH 7 buffer and storage solution… my PH meter needs 6.86 and PH 4.0 for calibration… not quite understanding how to get the 6.86PH


The seven should work just fine @Blasting
That doesn’t make much sense 6.86 haha


I swear I cant get it right lol, manual says to use 6.86 then 4.0 to calibrate, will try and get a picture of manual later on… loll

E: I can even calibrate is with 9.18 solution, the hell did i buy.


Good morning ILGM! Hope yall had a good friday night! I myself just waked and baked to some Love Potion, (lord I am feeling good). Anyway haha heres an update! I have fimmed two of my soul kiss and the crystal candy, also topped one of my SK. GP1 is growing lovely, I cut the main stem on GP2 (small round pot) because it was not developping so energy could go in the 4 small leaves. Crystal candy was very light this morning so I fed her her dose of GO nutes.

Also uploaded the calibration manual for my meter lol, still havent got that right.

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@Blasting The 7 will work fine. Its just a control. So if you know the solution is 7ph and you dip your meter in and it gives you a different reading, you need to calibrate. Also you might want to invest in storage solution so your pen stays calibrated longer and wont dry out

I have the same meter you have and i know it says to use 6.86. I personally havent seen any. The most popular buffers are 4, 7 and 10


Thats the thing, I @$!#ed up and it needs calibration. I have the storage solution also, but it isnt reading any of the solution right, and i cant calibrate it without 6.86 it seems lol…


@Blasting i think if you get some of the 7, you can dip your meter in. If it reads 7.2 then you know your meter is off by .2. Then whenever you measure the ph of your water you would just subtract the .2. I think that would be a good temp solution until you get your meter working right!


You shouldnt need 6.86. You are just checking to make sure your meter is right. You can use any solution where the PH is known. This gives you your control group!


OK, so I got it to read my PH4 solution right, but when I dip it in my PH7 solution I get a reading of 7.5.


Hmmmm… whats the brand of solution? Ive read reviews where people complain they are off


Hanna instruments from my local hydro shop


@Blasting did you rinse your meter between tests? Also maybe leave it in about 30 secs


I did rince, will try leaving it in


Ive read some of the Hannas give inaccurate readings. But if you review deep enough youll find alot of people say the same about every meter. I would test the 4 3x and test the 7 3x… rinse between each test


Might be why I think its not working the whole time lol, solution might be off… Ive tried every solution about 3 times now with no success, i would need another solution to confirm lol


If you still get a reading of 4 for the 4 and 7.5 for the 7, i would split the difference. As long as you are in 5.8-6.8 range, with 6.5 being optimal for nutrient uptake you should be fine. I have a buddy who has grown for 10 years and never PHd his water. I figured he would teach me some stuff, but when he came over he was shocked by using ph and tds meters and testing ppm runoff!


It’s reading my water at 8.43… not sure I can trust this thing


Your water could be 8.3… mine is 8 out of the tap. Also, let your water denature for 24 hours to let chlorine evap


Yeah I have a 5 gallon bucket that sits at room temp, its been in my closet for 2 days. It reads water at 8.3 and my GO nutes mix at 5.


@Blasting then youll need some PH down solution