Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


Gotcha, feed from top and water from bottom! And yeah TDS and PH meter should be in mail when I get home


Hello friends! blasting is back home (woohoo) with some news from its garden :slight_smile:

Some didnt make it trough the week, some are getting stronger are making trough my over watering!

I have filled the pot with more soil to give them more strength. Tds and PH meter just got home, will have to test all of this tommorow when I grab other things for PH maintenance.

Heres a couple picture! 4 x Soul Kiss getting better everyday! Also have one more soul kiss reg seed that was just put into soil and also a White Widow fem seed.


@Niala @bob31


Good morning everyone!

My girls were watered a little this morning, soil was pretty dry and pot were feeling light. Looks like they are recovering kind of fine, that one who had a twin seems to be struggling the most (@Niala). Going out to buy PH up down and a clip fan. Still waiting on inline fan to get home to get exhaust fan going. Getting hot in there, also grabbing hygro/thermo meter today.

Here are a few pics of this morning :slight_smile:




Hahahah has to catch up but I already was here
I follow a lot of threads my friend so I definitely get lost in them very cool :sunglasses:
I’ll be following along and you can always tag me if you have a question I’m around most weekdays for a while and I stop in early on the weekends but that’s my family’s time usually lol
Looking good :v:️CB :cowboy_hat_face:


Bon retour à la maison, mon ami :grinning:

@Blasting You have lost a couple to overwatered … :hushed::frowning:, I am sorry for your lost, but the other’s are gone a pass through :wink::+1::ok_hand:, just let them dry enough between watering, see the “bloated” look in the intervein of the leaves, that’s the first sign of over watering :wink: Just water spray for 1 or 2 more weeks, and every thing should be good :wink::+1::ok_hand:

The struggeling for the twins was expected :wink:…, since you did not separate them, they may be fighting for nutrients and only time will tell if they will both survive, one survive or both die…

See ya later :grinning:


@niala Learned alot from these, no worry on the loss :slight_smile: not much update pretty busy week!

So Al, what were the chance that I get a second twin from this Green Poison from sweet seed loll, another baby that is going to struggle :frowning: no big update this morning, maybe tommorow!


I separated them! Lets hope for their survival!!!


@Blasting Buy some lotery tickets my friend :wink: It’s not common to have twins…

It was the good move to separate them early, they will have a better chance for survival by doing so :wink::+1::ok_hand:


Yeah, the baby that had a twin is pretty much stunned right now… not growing new leaves… only getting a LITTLE bigger each day and i didnt want that happening again … kinda happy i got a 2nd green poison from that seed hehe! after 12 hours of transplant the twins both look happy, also had a crystal candy sprout two days ago and she is healthy as hell, going back north tommorow sadly, my girls are doing pretty good and my girl is well informed on what to do :slight_smile:


Crystal candy

Soul kiss 3

Green poison 1

Soul kiss 1

Soul kiss 2

Soul kiss 2 different angle

Some news from the garden, green poison twins are doing fine! Crystal candy stem is very big and is growing very fast! Soul kiss 3 is lovely also! I have done some butchering on SK 1 and 2 last week… Wanted to
try and “top” them loll, cut a leaf by accident doing my butchering on soul kiss 2. They are recovering nice but SK 1 and 2 are looking kinda unhappy today. (I aint home got news just right now). They were fed yesterday with half mix of general organic nutes, I am thinking I might have fed them too early or something but SK3 is looking loooovely. Still have yet to test my PH, didnt get right calibration solution.

Good night friends, blasting is off.


@niala any idea what could have caused the yellowing/funky leaves? Lights were about 18 inches away (mars 300w x 2)


@Blasting your light should be at around 24" from the canopy, that said, the yellowing is most probably due to a Nitrogen deficiency. Since you have give them some nutrients, it’s maybe a pH issue… Usally, you’ll find in a 5 to 7 days window if the nutrients you gave them will be the solution…

pH is king in cannabis growing, and in soil you have to aim at a pH between 6.3 and 6.8 with 6.5 as the sweet spot… Here’s a graph that show you the availability of some nutrients versus pH


So, you see why it’s important to know the pH of what you put in and it’s also important to know what’s coming out by catching the runoff and verify it’s pH value too…

Hope that’s gone a help you my friend :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:

Edit : it also can be potassium or phosphorus deficiency for the same reason, pH issue.


General organics says on the feeding chart that reading ph is useless because its organic, what should I do in that fact? I will see what happens in the next days and update you! Thankd alot again Al :slight_smile:


This chart clearly state that GO will work better between pH 5.5 and 6.5… This chart is coming straight from General Hydroponic Website and you can clic on the image and dowload it :wink:

For soiless medium or hydroponic system, the pH should be at around 5.8 for the sweet spot, and it’s 6.5 for soil, anyone saying otherwise is lying or do not know what his talking about my friend…

If there is something, organics nutrients are a little less available for the plant to use, that’s why they have some ingredient in there composition to help them be more available and that’s also why mycorhizes is recommand in a soil amendement when using organic nutrients , they are champion for making organic nutrients available for the plant…

I have an organic garden, usually, so I know what I am talking about, since I am an organic grower’s and use mycorhizes since over 10 years… lol :wink: :innocent:

So, this is the chart you have to follow for soiless and for soil medium (drain to waste) @Blasting and half dosage is a wise choice to begin with, buddy :grinning::+1::ok_hand:

Ô, and you’re welcome :innocent::grinning:


I have mycho for my transplantation! And no doubt Al I trust your knowledge! But the back of my GO box says that PH checking/tds is not required for organic growing or something… Ill just forget this and listen to your advice. Should I mix my nutes and then check my PH and adjust?



Heres an update! 3 big pots are my soul kiss’s! Small pot to the right is also a soul kiss that was dying but grew a nice and healthy side branch! cut everything else off and she is doing fine so far. smallest pot in the middle is crystal candy from sweet seed, she grew a lot since she sprouted a week ago! small round pot and other square pot is green poison twins, small round pot seems to be struggling alot… we’ll see what happen. Everyone except green poison was fed with GO nutes, everyone was also transplanted into a new home yesterday :slight_smile: they seem to be enjoying they new home alot :slight_smile:

Have a good day ILGM!

Oh, also just bought this mars II 700W light from a friend for 200$ cad, pretty happy!


They are looking good @Blasting ! Keep up the good work! :green_heart::seedling: