Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)



I’m not sure about the soil composite. But if it’s true “soil” then you should be good for a little bit.

Like I said those recommendations are for mediums that have 0 nutrients in them. Aka hydro.

Also I’m sure my man @Niala has got you hooked up proper.


thanks for clearing things up man!



Congratulations ! You have twins !

You have an interesting situation here @Blasting… And since they have separate stems, you’ll need to improvise yourself as a surgeon , lol :wink:

You will need to separate them. And sooner is better. Since they are “regular” seeds, the chance to have a male is greater. By doing so, you’ll risk losing them both. It’s a risk that you alone can decide to take.

You also can decide to let them grow together, one may take over the other or both can survive. If that’s the case, they may end up fighting for nutrients and have a slower grow rate or ending help each other… Who knows…

For the discoloration on the twins that look like burn it’s propably the paper towel you used for germination. It can contain chlorine, so the tap water if you did not filter it. They will eventualy pass through it, but probably will be stunt and grow slower.

You are most probably wrong with the rot problem. It’s most probably roots développement or mycorhizes, beneficial mushroom that work in symbiosis with the roots system for nutrients uptake and boost the immunity system.:+1::ok_hand:

For the one that have lost cotylédons with the shell , it’s done, no hope for this one, , i am sorry for your lost. :hushed::frowning:

And like @bob31 mention, you’ll need to give them some fresh air at least twice a day. And be gentle on the water, only water spray around the base of the plantule when needed, for now, it look pretty wet so, it’s better if you let the soil dry a little :wink:

And Fafard as to be consider as a soil since it contain around 30% of humus. And contain very few nutrients in it, By memory I think it’s 0,45%, 0,03%, 0,08% of NPK, just enough until the cotylédons fall and then, you’ll need to feed them, the chart I have put for you previously on this topic is for soil. @Ray4x

And, all nutrients can cause nutrients burn, all of them, organics nutrients included. The only thing with that kind of nutrients is they have to be broken before they are available for the plant to uptake them, and that’s why mycorhizes and microbes are essential, they do the job. When you’ll have to transplant, you’ll need some. Big surfaces , gardening store and hydro shop have it.

Have a nice time “blowing” stuff up North my friend, see ya when you come back :grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v:


Thanks alot Al, really so much interesting informations! I will be keeping the twins in the same pot, they will just end in a bigger pot when I transplant. I think keeping them will be better for my learnings then taking the chance of killing them both. I realised it must not have been rot since the baby is growing and showing beautiful green leaves!

Right now I am keeping them in a ziploc bag dome, I told my girlfriend to spray the dome two timea a day, letting some fresh air in and keeping the dome humidified. Also told her to watch moist of the soil.

@niala so does that mean I should start feeding them at their next watering?

Thanks alot brother, a week of hard work is coming but the blast is worth the effort :slight_smile:


@Blasting Do not feed them until the cotylédons fall. Cotylédons contain all of the plantule needs for start. Fafard soil also contain just the right amount of nutrients. Cotylédons are the first 2 round leaves. It may take as much as 2-3 weeks before falling… It can be shorter, 1-2 weeks…

De rien mon ami :grinning: Et sois prudent :innocent: Si ta conjointe a des questions, surtout qu’elle n’hésite pas à me contacter, icitte, sur ce site, lol :wink: :innocent: :v:


Gotcha about the cotyledons! Once again very informative! Ill be safe for sure my friend!


News I got yesterday night! My girl says two are looking good, will be facetiming with her tonight to see how other plants looks. Been working 14-15 hours a day since the beginning of my week, no time to get actual news of my ladies (girlfriend included :slight_smile: )

Hope you all have a good one guys!


@Blasting Thanks for giving news since you have a loaded work schedule my friend :grinning: :+1:

From the picture, it look good but a little over watered… Just say to your girlfriend to only do a slight water spray them 2-3 times a day , by slightly I mean only 2-3 mist push, 2-3 times per days… And every thing will be good :+1::ok_hand:


Yeah, I told her to water only when dry and to only “spouish” their ziploc bag dome loll, turns out she watered a “little” yesterday. Ill talk more with her tonight when she gets home… If i actually make it past 8:30


Lol, a little is usaly too much love at this stage :wink: However, they are resilient plant and will get through :wink: @Blasting


I am faithfull they will do well :smiley:


I can vouch for plant resiliency @Blasting don’t worry too much.


Not really worried, cant wait to see everything and take care of them myself tho :slight_smile:


Whats happening guys :frowning: too wet? Lights too close?


Kinda pissed off I only know now they look like this loll, well I guess Im gonna have to tell my girlfriend to be more informative


@Blasting how far are lights? They do look wet. Let them dry out once.


They were like at 20 inch maybe, moved them to 27 inch. Cant go any higher till i come back home and figure out how to hang them higher. And yeah ill let them dry out for sure


Just a recommendation because you are having a little watering issue. Place pots inside a pie pan and water from bottom. Encourages strong root and won’t mold top saving stem. I would guestimate that the amount of water per pan should not exceed the lower base of pot but enough to visibly see it over bottom of pot. The sprout will suck it up fast and wait every 2 days or so


I will try this once I get them dryer. Would this method works with grown plant also? i have seen people say water from top until runoff other says from bottom, still wondering what would be my best bet.


I am. I feed on top and water on bottom. Do check pH because I don’t check and I get average plants with moderate yields. I don’t have a meter so all I use is RO water.all my plant rest in the same water reserve and despite the 200 mistakes they still live.