Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


Dunno. Check tomorrow and see if she has a little white tail. If she does, plant it with that tail/root down in the dirt.


@loneviking Planted it already :stuck_out_tongue: 8 out of 10 seeds are cracked, two had no reactions yet. Still pretty good I think.


You can get a nice stash out of eight plants.


Little update :smiley:

My babies are coming out of earth! That seed that went crazy in the picture UP is coming out of soil… with two stem side by side…!!! I would say that everything is going fine right now, received more seeds this morning… Mazar from dutch passion, crystal candy from sweet seeds green poison from sweet seeds and got a whitewidow seed for free, put it into a glass shot to go with my Soul Kiss’s.


@bob31 @Niala

This one is looking nice.
This one is double stem, looks nice also, but looks like some burn on the tip on the leaf… wondering what this could be
This one looks like there is rot at the base of the stem… correct me if im wrong

Well… this one lost its shell… along with the leaf… looks like its rotting…

So I didnt have any fan in the tent, there is now one… wondering is the lack or air circulation made them rot a little… My mars 300w is like 33 inch away from plant


Looks like to much water on those two. It’s so easy to over love them


Yeah, figured I might have gone too wild on watering the first time lol. Should I just leave them in their dome and let it get dryer? spraying leaves 1-2 times a day? for a couple days


You need to dome those little guys up to keep the Rh up! Use a spray bottle of pH water on the inside of the dome.

The dome can be like a clear plastic solo cup or cut up a plastic water bottle and use that. Lift the lid and allow fresh air every couple of hours and mist the inside of dome as needed. They don’t have water roots till after the tap root sets but a week to 10 days is usually enough. @Blasting


@bob31 they,re domed with plastic bags, i sprayed the inside of the bags.


Ok sounds good. Keep the soil moist but not wet! Let some fresh air in occasionally and they will do fine!

Also possible to burn them by spraying the leaves and having too much light. Strongest I use is a t5 on sprouts


I only have two mars 300’s atm, one is running with indirect light on them.



@Blasting… i think you should be fine. I dont have a t5 so ive been using my 600hps on 50%wattage and my babies look awesome at 18 days from seed soak

I have my light a little closer xxxthan the 33" you said yours was at. You may want to lower it, so the plants wont stretch too much, but im a beginner myself; i only know what ive read and been corrected on! Good luck!


Thanks for the tips @VelcroThumb , I lowered the light down to 26-27", i dont want them stretching since my tent is only 5’ tall.


@Velcrothumb Have you started feeding them yet?


@Blasting not yet. The general consensus from the OGs around here is that FoxFarmOceanForest is a “hot” soil. I think it caused my strawberry kush to yellow a bit prematurely, but i was able to fix it! Gonna transplant them tonight into their 3gal fabric pots. Then gonna start actually watering. @bob31 says many people that use FFOF dont nute until veg


Right, I am using General organics, their schedule mention week 1 “rooted seedlings” so wondering when the best moment will be. not until 2 more weeks it my guess


@Blasting i will be using something similar and from what i’ve read, you should start at 25% of the dose and go up from there so as not to shock the plant too much or burn it


I’ve read different opinions on General organics and was wondering if that 25% thing was true. People say you just cant burn your plant with GO


@Blasting @VelcroThumb

I think the those feeding charts are more for soil-less or hydroponic growers. If you are in soil then you most likely have nutrients in the soil that the seedlings can feed on for awhile.


@Ray4x, Al @Niala recommended the soil to me, he could tell us more about it loll