Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


In between two double layer of sponge towels, spraying it every now and then, all of them were put straight into wet towels, yesterday after around 24 hours i took one out and put it in a glass shot of water over night, then put it back into a different paper towel this morning.


Ok , it’s consider a soiless medium since it’s compose of mainly canadian sphagnum peat moss but have in it perlite, dolomite lime and calcitic lime , so pH will not be as bad as if it did not have them.

And mix with the sea trio , that have also the same components plus crab, kelp and shrimp meal should made a fearly good soiless medium with a pH required to be between 6.0 and 6.5 since it have pH up and stabilizer like dolomite lime… Pure sphagnum as a natural pH of around 4.5. My only concern is since it’s a soiless medium, usaly, nutrients uptake optimal is between pH 5.8 and 6.1.

I prefer Fafard connaisseur that have humus on it and can be consider as a soil for that reason.

Cannabis plant do not like to acidic medium to grow in it, That’s why reputable compagny like Lambert and Fafard put amendement limestone in their products to help have a more adequate pH in presence of sphagnum.

The two should work well together.:wink:


Are you putting the paper towels into a zip lock bag or something to keep them moist? What about the temps? Many use heating mats or heating pads to get them up 77-81 degrees. They like to be warm! Top of a cable box is usually pretty good as well. @Blasting


@bob31 great tips my friend :+1::ok_hand::grinning::wink:


@Niala I was told to use 4 part of Lambert to 1 part sea trio for my mix, I will be using fafard for seedlings, and lambert for veg/flowering, do you think I should pimp the mix with some fafard? Also thanks for these PH info, will def keep this noted.

@bob31 Would a plastic wrap over my plate do good?


yes it would @Blasting You can lift off the corner every couple of hours to get some fresh air in there. Are you keeping them warm?


I am keeping them in the dark @ the top of my closet, my room is pretty warm because of my PC. @bob31


Absolutely, if you have enough of Fafard, I will go to one half of Fafard and the second half with the mix propose proportion of Lambert products.:wink:


@Niala Thanks Al, I will be following that :smiley: Took some time to replant my green plants into some ambert soil :slight_smile: Pretty sure they’ll thank me later hehehe


You’re welcome @Blaster :grinning: I have to go for some “magasinage” I will be back later today…

Bonne après midi, mon ami :+1::wink:


Enjoy this beautiful fall day :slight_smile:

thanks again for what you have done for me already, and for whats coming :wink:


Good news gentlemens!!! 3 seeds are popping out!!!


Awesome @Blasting @Countryboyjvd1971


Opened the wraps and towels to see whats going on and spray some water, one seed had a nice and big root coming off it, two others are nice but way smaller. one more seed seems to be cracking up, 6 others are showing no signs. Can’t wait to plant these :smiley:


I just have seeds from a plant from a friend’s last year harvest. 12 out of 12 spouted and all came up as seedlings in pots, and I do this: soak seeds in room temperature water in a cup for 24 to 36 hrs. Then get a saucer and put a wet paper towel on it. Put seeds on it. Wet another paper towel and cover seeds. Sometimes I put another saucer over this. It depends if I’m always home to check the paper doesn’t dry out i don’t bother. Just keep wetting the 2 papers and leave in a quiet, dim area. If putting another saucer over it seems this takes them longer to sprout in my experience, so unless they will dry out it doesn’t seem necessary. Hope you got them to sprout anyway :slight_smile:


I noticed you only have one fan and it’s on the exhaust side. What are you doing to get airflow into the tent? Do you have any small fans to move air around on the inside of the tent? Airflow is a big part of keeping Cannabis bug and mold free. Welcome to the forum! I just finished my first grow and although it’s a fair amount of work, there’s a real feeling of accomplishment at harvest time.


@Sunflower they are indeed almost all sprouting!

@Loneviking I forgot to add there is a clip fan on its way home!


Good morning ILGM. This morning I took two of the nicest seeds and put them into soil. These 10 seeds are pretty much a test, so I kinda wanted to try different technique. I will be waiting on longer roots before planting anymore of them… Leaving tuesday afternoon and already stressed of whats gonna happen to my ladies while im upnorth blowing stuff up xD


Here’s big root #1 and #2, lights are on timer on 18/6.


@Niala came to do my check and one seed is going crazy loll is it ok that shes open like that?