Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


7 to 10 days with no maintenance … I so need this!! Lol!


Can you provide the link or at least tell the compagny name, @Screwauger please, it will be great and helpful body :wink::+1:


Autopots USA @Niala i went over the site a few times and it does seem like a very nice product!


Yeap, just find them, lol :wink:,

Here’s the link if someone else is interest :

Here’s the usa amazon link , the Canadian one only have disponible the 60+gallon reservoir…


I use the blumat drip system on my pots when traveling just fir watering

Has same issue with nutrients organic will clog the works

They auto pots are nice tho


These one look good too brother :+1::ok_hand: Thanks @Countryboyjvd1971


I suppose you can leave them in all grow and just ph res water I personally like to hand water my pots
As stated i use tgem if going to absent for a period of time


Thanks for the tips man, I will definetly need to try one of this system soon.


They sell smaller set ups as well @Blasting
You need to dial them in and it can be a little stressful haha
I suggest setting them up two to three week prior to actually needing them so you can adjust fir proper moisture :+1:


The only thing that despise me is that Amazon USA are shoveling in the court of other distributor that are charging international fees to ship these in Canada, really dicusting imo…:-1: :angry:


I actually have people looking after them when Im away, they’re just not me you know what I am saying so Im looking for a setup that would eliminate atleast watering so my girlfriend and friend only have to do a quick look, see if soil is moist and if girls are looking happy. I think I am going to try advanced nutrients nutes next time and Ill def try one of these setups.

@Screwauger what setup are you using? smaller pots or XL one?


Yeah i here that @Niala
I thiught they where looking into opening a Canadian based operation like they started in Australia?


There is an Amazon Canada,, but they are separate entity it seems…

Products in the are not necessarly available to and/or for Canadian buyer’s, costumer’s, like if we are second class ones, that sucks brother…


Hummm that seems strange but might be Canadian laws the prohibits some items ??


I have found them at a hydro store in Montreal Al… if you do a quick search on the interwebz you might find them since I cant link you.

I thinks its 200$ for a 4 pot XL kit, kinda good IMO. I would need to call.


You can post the name of the compagny but not the link :wink:


Hydro Dionne :slight_smile:


Merci mon ami :grinning:


Not these kind of merchandise @Countryboyjvd1971 , most probably for all sorts of firearms, white weapon or dangerous product or some time overweight item, but not growing stuff , John :wink::innocent:


No problem Al :smiley: all of this is really tempting me for the next grow… 7 to 10 days without maintenance is exactly what i need these things were made for me loll! A suivre… :wink: