Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


Do you have Boveda RH 62% pack, if not, order them… lol …and keep your harvest in the closet and do not open that often in this space, ounce a day max and let things doing their things, lol :wink: :innocent:

Lol, just saw your edit


Alright so Ill let it do its thing in the closet and check on them once a day :slight_smile: I hope it will be dry by tuesday lol!


Usually it takes a little more than that… You have to wait until the buds stem “snap”… :wink:


Guess Ill have my girlfriend jar these up :stuck_out_tongue:


Most probably my friend :grinning:


Do they have so be upside down the whole process? Or could I kinda cut them into something that would fit into jar and let them finish dry in the closet on a drying rack or something until snap?


great info al…this might have helped my cure…
i remember taking brick weed back in the day and fluffing/adding weight to it with steam…makes better sense


Never put unfinish dry buds in a jar, even open… if you have a hanging drying rack, please, use it, and just finish triming your buds my friend :grinning:


Yeah of course! Ill reword that loll! How long do they have to be hanging the way I did it in my picture? or do they have to be hanging like that at all? Because I could buy one of those rack tommorow and cut the branches into something that looks more like buds later on like monday and put them on the rack to finish drying and just have my girlfriend look after them and when they snap she can just jar them and ill trim them when they are cured or something.


Hey @BIGE, my pal, do you have problem with your drying processus, please, tag me my friend :grinning: :+1: I will assist you with great pleasure…


Depend on the size of them, and if RH been stable around 50 %, a fairly estimation will be around 7 days for size of the buds I see, less or more depend on the size of them, maybe 1 or 2 days less for the smaller one, 2-3 days more for the bigger ones :wink:

And, personnaly, I prefer to hang them and do all the drying processus this way, less chance of mold problem @Blasting


Alright :smiley: Thanks alot man!


It’s always a pleasure to help a fellow grower, espacelly a “Québécois”…,
“Corps du Christ de Tabernacle”… I have to admit since it seems we are the only one in this site… lol , @Blasting :wink: :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink:

P.S. Je vais “éditer” le blasphème sous peu… Aaah, finalement, non, je vais l’éditer seulement si quelqu’un le souligne, met un “drapeau” lol :wink: :innocent: @Blasting


En effet, c’est le fun en christophe colomb d’avoir un mentor Québécois hahahaha!


Lol :sweat_smile: :joy: :wink: :innocent: :v:


J’ai éditer mais seulement pour te dire que finalement, je vais le laisser à moins que quelqu’un me “mette” un “drapeau” lol :wink: :innocent:


Je serais bien surpris que quelqu’un soit offusquer hehe :slight_smile:


Moé itou, lol :wink: :innocent: :v:


I have to go now @Blasting, I hope that I have help you my friend :grinning: :+1:


The autopots are good, mostly user error so far on my part but you are right, organic nutes in the reservoir have not worked for people as there is too much sediment and colloidal material for the small water lines.

I do know some growers on another grow forum who use rich organic soil in the pots and just water in the reservoirs. They have had good results and may occasionally top dress with something midway through. Can always turn taps off and top feed a tea or some such thing.

Otherwise, these can go upwards of a week to ten days (2 vegging plants on one 12 gallon reservoir) with low to no maintenance and that is why I bought them. The autopot folks have a UK and a USA website. @Blasting @Niala