Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


So glad these came back from that accident!


Being away 2 weeks a month im like a little kid coming back to my plants and being amazed how they grew


Thanks Al ! Glad to see you back buddy :slight_smile:


Ce fût 3 mois très éprouvant avec 1 mois d’hospitalisation de mi-novembre à mi-décembre… bien qu’il me fût permis d’avoir accès à ma tablette, c’est un réseau public donc pas très sécuritaire, j’ai quand même suivi tes aventures et suis fier de tes progrès… mais ne connaissant pas à quel point la fiabilité du réseau, je me suis contenté de suivre…

De toute façon, il m’étais interdit d’utiliser trop longtemps ma tablette pour diverses raisons, la principale étant le déclenchement de crises de céphalées de Horton…

Mais bon, tout rentre dans l’ordre maintenant et je t’avise que je passe la plupart de mon temps sur le forum de Bergman’s lab en tant que “volunteer grow mentor” mais je continue quand même à être présent içi, sur le forum public, et n’hésite pas à me “tagger” si tu as besoin d’assistance… :wink: :+1:

Ton ami,

~Al :v: :innocent:


Salut Al, il y a eu plusieurs problèmes de mon coter, surtout du a mes départ prolongé pour le travail, malgré tout je suis sur le point de récolter ma première plante et tout ce que j’ai appris en cours de route en valais bien la peine :smiley: j’attend un magnifier 120X pour remplacer ma petite loupe 40X mais je crois bien avoir un Soul Kiss de prêt! ( Soul kiss etant NYC Diesel x bubblegum x Hash Plant) Je suis content que tu te porte mieux et que tu sois de retour mon ami :slight_smile: Merci d’être encore la a me suivre malgré que j’ai de la difficulter a garder ce journal a jours vraiment :slight_smile: From now on I’m back to english so everyone can understand this :slight_smile: I will be posting pictures of the babies later on today at lights on! See you later people :smiley:


It can be hard if you don’t have someone reliable enough to take care of these babies when you’re being absent… It can turn bad fairly quickly :wink:

Thanks for the kind word my friend, I am eager to see the pics update and gone a sip my coffee, lol :wink: :innocent: :grinning:


Well, it’s i think its not all the reliable part… I myself done alot of mistakes and made him do mistakes too, my friend is reliable but can’t look after them everyday and watch every change happen and it’s hard for me to follow up with him and my girlfriend working these long days. I silently watched @Screwauger thread with autopot and it is really tempting me since that would eliminate one problem wich is watering. I think it would be easier for my friend to manage a reservoir when he comes home to look after the girls. That would be easier for my girlfriend also and also less time consuming… my only concern with these autopots is the fact Im growing organic and I heard that would clog the thing up…


I’m also pretty sure i f***ed up with nutes… at some points my runoff reached 2200 PPM, done the mistake of thinking “im growing organic cant burn the babies right?” well that was definetly wrong loll. Realised lots of things last month so I went slower on the nutes but now came back yesterday and the girls started yellowing alot because they were hungry for the nutes :confused: Im learning the hard way buddy but still these buds are looking amazingly good!


Unfortunately, Yeap, it’s true… In part…

It depend mainly on the size of the drippers , however, GHO is not recommand for hydroponic, so, it will most likely clog drippers that are too small and will need frequent maintenance…

@Screwauger grow journal is a great one to follow my friend :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

And yeah, 2200 ppm is a tad high, lol :wink: :innocent:


I think I will go trough this batch of GO nutes and try these autopots with non-organic nutes. Screwauger seems to be doing really fines with these so I think it might be a good solution to one of my problems atleast :slight_smile: Waiting on my phone to charge and ill post pics in a few :slight_smile: seems like some buds are starting to grow new white pistils, cant wait for that magnifier to get home lol!


The FloraNova line from GH, could do it :wink: It’s suitable for hydro recycle system and are part organic :wink:


This is it for this Soul kiss! Trics are half amber half cloudy on this one, I am cutting it down and hanging her and will look out the other one with the magnifier to see how she is!


@Niala One is down! cut the biggest leaves out and did a rough trim, she is hanging in the closet in the dark at around only 45% RH :confused: best suggestions my friend?! also how should I store sugar leaves?

@bob31 maybe you can help friend :slight_smile:


This one im not sure… She is still growing new white pistils but I see a lot of amber with the magnifier!


Update on my other girls :slight_smile: came back home to some yellowing I underfed them last two weeks I think… Plant upfront in tent is crystal candy, loving how its growing buds are getting real nice! The one in the back is another soul kiss wich is 2 weeks behind the one I harvested and the other still in the tent. Green poison scrog started flowering for good, fun to see both scrog plant are from the same seed!


great grow @Blasting


@BIGE thanks man :slight_smile: forgot this pic


some pics did not take @Blasting


45% RH is fairly good, @Blasting, you do not want it to go under 40 %… Because you’ll risk the chlorophyll to been fixed…

If you want to crank up a little your RH, you could place a hot water bowl in your drying dedicated space… It will rise, temporaly the RH… For about 5-7%… Depend on it’s volume…replace it each day…

If I do not use the sugar leaves right away after drying, I put them in seal bag… Like in a “Seal a Meal” machine and bag for future use…

Sorry for the time laps in respond, I was giving support on the Bergman’s lab…


Thanks alot! Good news is Rh went up to 58% in the closet! Now that they are upside down, should I do the whole drying process in the closet? I have seen people put them in brown paper bags after a couple of days upside down, is this a good idea? I have read couple of things on that but cant seem to decide how I should do it.

Edit : I am going out to buy jars and 62% boveda packs tommorow also for curing!