Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)


Good morning ILGM! Posting a picture from this morning and will come back with more later once everyones light is on :slight_smile: what is left in 2x4 tent is two Mazar (small seedling) Green poisons left and right and a soul kiss in the middle.I had to chop down one of my Soul Kiss because it was a he and not a she:(
Crystal candy was getting a big girl so I sent her to 39x39 tent to flower.

Im thinking I might run a scrog for both green poisons. What is best height for a scrog screen?


@Blasting 25 inches off floor is where most start there screens let plant grow up to screen if they are taller you can set screen on top and gently spread her out
Happy growing


@Countryboyjvd1971 thanks alot man!


No worries buddy
Any time i can help
Im around even if i dont post all the time hahha


Will sure remember to give you a tag if I need good advice :slight_smile:


Heres is 39x39 tent! Back left is crystal candy who is 1 week behind both soul kiss. You will notice one of the plant was defoliated alot, one of my friend is taking care of the girls while Im away so I gave him white card on that plant. Other girls are mine :smiley:


Looking good brother keep up the good work
Not a fan of leaving other in charge good luck witn that lol


Im away from home for 14-18 days a month loll, have no choice but have someone take care of them. He used to grow alot back in the days, he respect my choices so I just gave him one of the plant as a payment :stuck_out_tongue: My girlfriend did some bad mistakes and kinda lost my trust in her looking at my babies haha.


Good morning ILGM! Passing by to tell you guys I just won an auction on ebay for a Mars 600W panel, 160$ CAD shipped home :smiley: They go for 220$ CAD on amazon! Pretty happy this will go nicely with the Mars 2 700W in my 39x39 tent!


Here is the screen @Countryboyjvd1971 !! My tent being only 5’ should I lower the screen a bit? Screen being 25" this is only giving me 3’ space for everything else.


Any input on screen height anyone?


How many weeks of veg do you have left over? Or are you already in flower? @Blasting


39x39 tent is flowering. 2x4 tent still vegging to fill scrog screen


Not much update for a while… Just came back from my 7 days of work… Nobody had cheked on my big tent since saturday… Exhaust somehow unplugged… My girls were getting for beautiful big flowers lots of thricrome… All 4 are dead… Might save one…will see tommorow how they look after i gave them water…

My scrog is still doing okay… He was thirsty too… Growing and leaving for work might be not doable… Cant trust nobody but yourself… Lost my phone yesterday on xmas day now this, merry christmas buddy!



So, scrog is doing good atleast lol. One of my soul kiss was not much affected by the problem. Duct disconected and tent reached ultra high temp and girls got real thirsty :frowning: they recovered alot over night last night was complete disaster you should have seen my face. My 2 soul kiss that are due in 2-4 weeks are the ones that are the most hurt.


Biggest tent is the tent where temp got real high… You can see 2 of my soul kiss have not much leaves left. Crystal candy is doing fine and bulking up lots of nice buds! The smell is so special! Almost like froot loops cereal loll! I was really scared they would all die the other night but hey some water and theyre coming back! Scrog ia doing fine also not sure if i done it right but hey looks not so bad!


Wow @Blasting just caught up on your thread. Glad you saved them! I can imagine the expression on your face. :cold_sweat:


I love watching the bulking up part… it’s like you can almost see them growing! :nerd_face::v::green_heart:


Wow ! !!:heart_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::ok_hand:, you doing great buddy, keep the great work, mon ami :wink::grinning::+1: