Here it is, first grow starting! (Closet grow)

Hello people of ILGM! Blasting here! I am pleased to come here and share this journey with you guys :slight_smile:

First of all, let me explain to you my biggest fear about my growing… As my name suggests, I am a professional blaster from Canada, working on a 7days in 7 days off schedule (amazing yeah… but for growing…) meaning I will have to get my girlfriend to take care of these babies… I have a mentor already helping me trough this, who will be able to look out after them sometimes when I am not home.

Now that I explained a bit what I am going trough, lets go on with the setup, wich could use some suggestions :slight_smile:

  • 2x4x5 Fusionhut Grow tent.

  • 2x 300W Mars LED.

  • Vivosun 4 inch speed controller inline fan

  • Ipower 4 inch carbon filter

  • Digital timer

  • Lamber sea-trio compost and lambert potting soil (recommended from local shop)

I will be adding HPS light in between my mars led’s. 250W? 400W ballast dimmable to 250? some input could be great here :slight_smile:

Oh, and of course the most important part is here, put 10 seeds Soul Kiss regular seeds (Hash Plant x NYC Diesel x Bubblegum) in paper towels yesterday, hoping to get atleast 3 female out of this.

Thanks for reading me :smiley:


Sounds good. I’m up for following.

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:smiley: Forgot to add, I will be using General Organics go box for nutes!1

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@Niala Here I am :smiley:



pH meter?

@Niala your mentor? If he is you’re in great hands!



Forgot about that, will def get one too!

As for Niala, he is a french speaking canadian I met here, (I am french canadian too) and told him I would tag him when the time comes :stuck_out_tongue:


You will need a pH tester for water
pH up and pH down and a bottle of 7.0 pH calibration fluid to make sure your meter is accurate.

@Niala Al is a good guy and will help you out for sure! @Blasting

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General Organics suggest you do not need to PH the finished mixture, would this be correct?

Just a quick look :smiley: Still awaiting of fans/filter to get home.


Looking good I’m up for the show

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And I sure hope this end in a hell of a show haha!


I would recommend you always check your pH! You may not need to adjust it though.

It really depends on what Medium you are growing in though on what pH you are using. Soils need 6.5 and soiless or water growing needs 5.8 pH.


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You’re right, better be safe than sorry! Do you have a meter to recommend?

wait for Al @Niala . He will know what is available in CA. Many just buy the cheapie meter to start.

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Thanks @bob31 Will wait for Al!

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General Organics has buffers to balance the ph for you. This means you don’t need to test or adjust the ph. You can if you’d like, but it isn’t necessary. Good luck! :+1::smiley:

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Thanks for confirmation :slight_smile:

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welcome aboard @Blasting

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welcome @Blasting,i’m new here too!

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Thanks for the kind word, @bob31

@Blasting ; Salut mon ami ! :grinning: Merçi de m’avoir “tagger” et de me faire confiance :wink::innocent: Le reste sera en anglais pour que les autres puissent suivre… :wink: Hésite pas à me corriger ou me demander des clarification car mon anglais n’est pas toujours au point :wink:

First, you’ll always need to verify pH, always… even if a product contain pH buffers. Buffers products already presents in nutrients are for helping to have a more stable pH, not to compensate for to high or to low pH and certainly not to avoïd you to check it regulary and periodicly.

Here’s a link to Amazon Canada for a good pH pen :

And here’s the feeding chart for GH General Organics products :

Second, check the pH and ppm of your medium before transplant. Lambert potting soil and sea trio compost mix together will make your soil a “hot” one. And certainly do not start the seedling / sprouting in it . Not until the plantule have at least 4 to 5 nodes. The ppm for seedling / sprouting should be under 350 ppm.

So, you’ll also need a TDS pen meter and a seedling / sprouting friendly medium…

Here’s an Amazon Canada link for a TDS meter :

And here’s the soil I am using with 100% germination success, after soaking the seeds until they have tap rooted and will have minimum transplant choc since the pH is the same as for soil recommandations, between 6.3 and 6.8 with 6.5 as the sweet spot :


You can find it at any gardening store and big surfaces like Canac, Rona, Canadian Tire, etc.

Idéal pour les plantes tropicales et les plantes vertes
Pardonne les arrosages excessifs ou insuffisant
Approuvé pour la culture biologique

Terreau idéal pour l’empotage de plantes intérieures, ainsi que pour la culture des semis et boutures.
Il est enrichi d’engrais organique contenant des éléments nutritifs essentiels au développement et à la croissance des plantes et racines.
Également recommandé pour la culture de légumes et de fines herbes en contenant.

Hoping that you’ll find this helpful, do not hesitate to ask further questions…

~Al :v: :innocent:

P.s. Also, if you use city water, I strongly suggest that you buy a five stage water filter system like zero water

It will eliminate chlorine and fluoride and also all minerals. That way, ppm of the water is gone a be at 0. A pH up-down is a must too. GH makes a great one.

And always keep your pH pen in this