Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


Looking good man still got about a week for ambers


I will take the second lollipop from the right thank you lol. Looking damn good my friend.


Thanks gents! I gotta say I’m impressed with both size and potency with just blurple lighting! I wish I would have known about these Led’s years ago! But still looking forward to seeing how those quantum boards work out when I can afford one!


Me to man I’m looking on offer up and found this waiting for DB’s input


What kind are they? 6500k would be good for veg lights.


Sorry about the delay, I’ve been online most of the night and I’m getting notifications real slow. I responded in other thread.


Plumpin up nice! Gonna be some fat girls :muscle:


What is the target RH percentage to promote resin production in late flowering? I am starting week 9 of flower and I have it at 30%. Is this good or should I go lower? @Sirsmokes @Vexer @Seeddog @latewood @OldSchoolGrower @garrigan65, I could swear I remember someone saying that by dropping humidity low the last couple weeks, it causes the plant to produce more resin. This true or just in my head?


Great looking colas, how did you get them so fat @ 51 days? Very nice! I’m gonna have to dig into your journal!
@Drillbit what kind of camera did you use for your tricomb pics? And what could you recommend for around 25 bucks😜


Thanks man! I think it’s just the result of adequate lighting combined with added CO2 personally. The potency and aroma is what’s tripping me out! Lol :joy::drooling_face:
The camera I used was this one;
I can’t reccomend any cameras/microscopes that are under 40$. But a simple 60-100× loupe can be as cheap as 10-15$. 5-10$ if you get it from China. Lol



Your answer is: Yes and a target of 30%

Additionally, after your plants start making buds in the flowering stage and get close to harvest, you can manipulate the humidity of your grow area to get your plants to produce more resin (trichomes/glitter which contain THC and other cannabinoids) while preventing plants from being attacked by mold.


I followed the link but there are a few on there. what is the name of the camera?


Oh I’m sorry! Digital USB microscope. 39.95$.


Does anyone know a good 3-in-1 or up to 7-in-1 multi test meter… I do not want a pen type… thank you
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@jt123 Sky is the limit, blue lab makes a great ph meter. If you want something that does that many things blue lab will be pretty much be your only option.


can you send me a link?




Thanks bud


what about this one?


The blue lab guardian is what I want. But it’s really best suited to being left in a reservoir full time.