Here I grow again on my own! SS fem #2


Not easy to find good hash. @raustin under glass of me. Every time. :wink:


whats the upside to this extraction method vs chemical free Rosin press method?


It’s like cocaine there washing with ether or diesel fuel gasoline or acetone just different ways to skin the same cat maybe ones slow roasted cat ones cat under glass :wink: (I can make funny too) ones deep fried cat and ones stir fry cat it’s all cat but different quality’s lol


I was just looking at the single column setup. No reclaim on the solvent. But I’m guessing you’re way would pay for the extra cost over time by saving on solvent. Especially if you’re running a lot of material. Have you ever tried running it with propane? I’ve heard of it being used but didn’t find much info. Seems like larger volumes of propane would be cheaper and easier to get filled. I’m just curious if there’s any difference in process? Do you use a welding supply or what to refill the larger butane bottles? If so what is the average cost? Sorry for all the questions just trying to get a idea of cost to operate versus other methods.


Pretty sure that one is co2.


Best of wishes with your shoulder surgery @garrigan65. Had neck fused, need lower back done and both knees replaced. Trying to hold off until at least Summer… Hell of a nice rig there @Donaldj.


Just a little update on my girls. Not alot to report really, they are still doing great! It’s time to put my net in. Should be here Monday. Cleaned up the bottoms a bit. They are LOVING this root organic soil! Still haven’t needed nutes yet!


Looking good man!


Thanks bro. Can’t wait to get these babies under the net!


Why replacement surgery? If you dont mind me asking…@garrigan65 I worked in the medical field for 35 years. Retired 2012. 1st surgery? Hope you have a good surgeon at a big hospital. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery man.


Great update. I would have been all over them babies, molesting the heck out of 'em. I got a late start on the GG. Usually start training a lot earlier. Had to baby it for awhile. It was very weak was such a tiny seed from a different supplier. Nothing compared to the seeds Robert supplies. Practically embarrassed I even soaked ‘em. The Super Skunk seeds were great lookin’. 100% success rate on 11 of them. Still have 9 more put up. Going to be getting some more strains. Wanting some Banana Kush, BlueDream, Lemon Haze and some Pineapple.


I learned of this in college!! I had non student friends who I smoked with for the very first time at age 19. My dad was concerned with my choice of friends and said I should hang out with other students :sweat_smile: I never did tell him the students partied way harder than my other friends, but isn’t that obvious in general?


hard to press rosin from shake and trim :wink:



No I don’t mind at all…we are all friends here as I see it.
My joints are ramped with arthritis and both shoulders are so bad it hurts to type.
I had my left knee replacement a few years ago and all went well and I’ve heard nothing but good news from fokes who have had it so I went for it not that I had any choice in the matter…lol
But as I get alone after surgery i’ll be more than happy to keep you posted and Thank You for asking.




You got that right. I have the press and can’t get anything from it so I gave up on wasting my stuff…by the way how have you been



I have an enclosed system in a 5x5 and the first time using the cO2 bags, I have two in this tent and I am a firm believer in them now, never have my buds exploded so big. I know it has to be the extra cO2 , on monday I give final nutes and then start my 2 week flush, hoping in the next two weeks they explode even more, I got a bigger de humidifier because of the night mare bud rot I am hoping don’t happen. I just keep them at floor level and let the exhaust fan at top draw the cO2 up thru the plants. It works I don’t care what anyone says, the proof is in the pudding ! The thing about the cO2 bags, you have to have alot of lighting 50 watts per sq ft of canopy or forget it, and a tent that is a sealed system, I only open when watering, intake and exhaust with carbon filters to slow down the cO2 from escaping, thanks for letting me chime in, just excited about this. Thx.


The monster clone is growing so crazy, it doesn’t need training. The one on the right has been lst’d since node 4. Bent it all the way down to one side till it grew past the edge of the pot. I let it stand back up and then went the opposite direction with it for a while. Then let it stand back up again. Then supercropped the main stalk.


Not too bad busy as we try to get as many jobs off the board before snow falls but otherwise enjoying the fack winter is around the corner. Work days become no more than 8hr’s mornings are cool and crisp perfect roofing weather so long as snow holds off hopefully rest of month so I can pay some bills down before getting layoff


So if you include the dry rub process to produce kief from the shake and trim its really a labor intensive method compared with the butane extractor? I’ve seen some nice runs from Rosin pressed kief. Just wondering because I’m looking to process all this grade B and trimmings I have and would like the least labor intensive and most cost effective solution. Price range for a decent Rosin press for small scale processing is around $500.


@Drillbit Sorry to highjack your thread your girls are looking amazing!