Here i grow again. OG Kush Auto

Wish me luck!! head above ground still hanging onto the shell. LMAO!!


I’m having this problem with mine lost 3 to shell head waiting for another OG auto to pop now praying the shell pops this time around!!

I’ll give it another day. Then surgery to get it off.

don’t wait to pull the shell off,
the sooner the cotyledons get light the sooner she starts to grow.!


Yup. Thats what I figured too. I managed to get it off this morning. 10hrs later she looks like she survived it well. The next few days will be crucial.


Hello OG!! She’s looking healthy. A good healthy root it seems. got her on 12/12. I have a good feeling about this one. I’m curious?.. How is everyone watering their seedling?
I start off in peat pots. When my pot gets light in weight, I just put water into a cup slightly larger than my seedling cup. then I put my seedling cup in that one and watch it soak up the water. I also do a mist when it’s light out. I do that to avoid any light burn. Because I know the light magnification though the water can do damage.
But i’m more curious as to whether or not I should be ph’ing my seedling water. Does anyone here?


Update: OGEE is growing well. Some new pics. 13 days from sprout.


OGEE in her final resting place. 20 days from sprout.
water: ph 6.3 / ppm 500 lighting: Viaspectra 700 12/12


OGEE is looking good . Mine had a nice lemon - citrus smell after it cured . OG is one of my favorites . I have a small stash left , I should dig it out and smoke some to remind myself how good it is .



Nice grow so far and she is looking healthy!
Why are you using a 12/12 lighting schedule on your auto?
18/6, 20/4 or 24/0 are generally used due to their accelerated growth as opposed to photoperiods that flower under 12/12 for up to 9 weeks.

I generally use 20/4 with great results.

@lazylathe Because I used 18/6 for my last 3 Auto grows. Also with great success. But i have been told and have seen the results by many people on here that a 12/12 schedule will produce just as well. So I am giving it a try.



Awesome Sauce!
Very interested in your results! Would be quite the savings in electricity.
Have you grown this same strain under 18/6 to compare to 12/12?

@lazylathe I have not. This is my first OG Kush Auto flower grow.

I spray more than I water. I only water once the coco is 80-90% dried out

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Day 30, Some LST going. The main root is actually in the middle of the pot. The lower branches are getting nice and strong. She really is starting to fill out and show that she is going to be a really bushy plant. A few days ago I noticed some leaf edge curling. So I backed off on the white light a little and added more blue and red. The curling stopped almost over night. So i’ll keep the light at this setting for a while I guess.


Day 40. LST is working out nicely. flowering begins. No flowering nutes just yet though. She is going to be a nice one.

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Day 48.
PH in 6.3 out 6.3
TDS in 80 (plain ph’d water) out 820. was 1100 3days ago so she’s eating and growing nicely.

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Day 62


Pics on Day 80. I’ll be chopping very soon. Trich pictures are of the top buds
The lower side buds are abot 10% amber.